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    The Hawkeyes shred the Wolverines' season B1G CG thread 2023

    I know Entringer whiffed but was that him who chased down the punt returner?? If so amazing effort
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    Kirk Ferentz for B1G COTY

    Probably NW coach. Did heck of a job. Kirk keeping the team together despite the obvious adversity very impressive and ten wins great but can’t overlook the horrid offense…. Go hawks
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    Possible Candidates

    Hawks not doing due diligence if not looking at Washington and Kansas QB coaches. And big win today!
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    Eric All injury

    Who is left at tight end now??
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    Three Positive Developments

    First off I agree Cade hurt all season. Don’t give up on this kid. He oozes leadership. Second wrs showed ability to get open - encouraging but have to catch the ball. Third any idea if Johnson or Jaz coming back next week? When there are holes to run through (and granted there are not many)...
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    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    I love it! This is great news!!!! Hawkeye fans cheer up!!! gets old reading negative posts some places AFTER we get someone. Go hawks!!
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    Van Ness is a Packer!

    Man I was hoping the Bears would take him after traded back from 9. Go hawks!
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    Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here this afternoon. Official LSU vs Iowa Championship Game Thread

    Officiating was embarrassing. That said they have better depth and shot lights out! Great run Lady Hawks. This was cool!!
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    Game Story: Hawkeyes Stun No. 1 South Carolina

    Great win over a great team and great coach. Stay positive and go hawks!! Huge day tomorrow!!!
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    2nd Round Bulldogs-Hawkeyes Game Thread

    Any idea when we play again?? Go hawks!
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    Are the Brands becoming Fran and Kirk?

    Six all Americans and second place team correct? Brands the wrestler really stepped up. I just wish as a team we wrestled more aggressively but I was spoiled by the old days of us just piling points up. Go hawks!
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    NCAA standings and Hawk results

    Did Warner make semis?
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    Make your last minute Iowa seeding predictions

    Terrible draw. As usual. But this year we played to this position. Bummer. But Playing Pearl will be interesting Go hawks!
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    Nick Jackson

    He is a great addition!
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    UVA Transfer LB Nick Jackson Picks Hawks

    We need experienced lb right now. Lost two great LBs. They will still develop guys but this was a necessity. Don’t lose the faith in that!
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    UVA Transfer LB Nick Jackson Picks Hawks

    This is excellent news that was needed. Go hawks!!!
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    Iowa Adds Transfer Miami (OH) OL Rusty Feth

    This is great. Would be quite a weekend if could get the LB visiting. Heard between us and Oklahoma. Oklahoma is not IOWA D - go hawks young man!!!
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    Chances we pick up Stanford OT Walter Rouse????

    I hear he now has flipped to Oklahoma. We dodged a bullet. This has gotten ridiculous. Portal transfers should have to sit out a year. That would cut the numbers way down. And there should not be multiple transfers for a player. Go hawks!
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    Favorite Coaches To Beat

    Harbough. Row row row your boat. Urban Woodshead Meyer. For B ball Frieder Knight Heathcoat (great fun to watch) and Henson. Wrestling ALL of them. Go hawks !
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    Hawks get another QB in the portal from WI

    Needed another Qb. Welcome Deacon. Now let’s see a TRUE QB competition. Our portal gains to me outweigh our portal losses and hopefully more to come!! Go hawks!