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    So What Will It Look Like in 5 Years with the NIL

    The NIL has become just a signing bonus to attend that school, and I'm OK with that. I was recently tailgating in the lot attached to Carver before a football game, and we saw a prominent basketball player drive off in a new Lexus SUV and saw what I assume was a wrestler drive off in a new BMW...
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    Braun Unanimous Coach of Year

    Ferentz loses to a coach filling in for Fitz who was fired for ordering code reds on players. And Parker will probably lose ass't coach of the year to Moore at Michigan because he's getting praise for filling in for Harbaugh who was suspended for 6 games this year.
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    10 wins

    I agree that I don't understand why everyone thinks teams like Iowa are going to drop into the basement when these 4 PAC schools enter the BIG. Comparing 2023 schedule to 2024, Iowa replaces Penn St, Rutgers, Illinois & Purdue (3-1 record) with Ohio State, Washington, UCLA and Maryland (Assume...
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    Rival bowl eligibility

    Three of Iowa's rivals (Neb, Wis, Minn) are sitting on 5 wins. There is a chance that 1 maybe 2 of them miss out on a bowl game this year. Which of the three would you rather see not get to 6 wins? For me it's Minnesota just because of the fair catch BS.
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    Iowa #22 in the CFB playoffs

    Iowa is ranked more for TV matchup perception, not that they are really the 22nd best team in the country. Assuming Iowa wins the next 3 games and make the BIG championship. It's better if that matchup has a ranked West champion. Plus, Iowa would be in line to play an SEC team (Ole Miss) is...
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    Kirk's Next Move?

    I would love to see him come out and give a Mike Gundy type rant. "I'm a man! Brian is a good kid that did nothing wrong, etc., come after me, I'm 60+" But I assume a lot of monotone non-committal answers and a lot of we're just focused on NW, etc.
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    Questionable Call

    I agree that the offense is the reason for the loss. Even after the review, Iowa only had to go 25 yards to kick the game winning field goal. However, I still think this review is BS. 1. No one watching the game even consider the possibility that anything 'illegal' occurred, that includes...
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    Bowl Game 2023

    The Las Vegas bowl sounds great until you see that it's on December 23rd. Would be a tough sell to convince the wife that we should skip family Christmas' to take the kids to Vegas instead.
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    ESPN: ACC adds Cal, Stanford, SMU in 2024

    A good gamble for SMU. If they can be competitive in the ACC, then when the league ultimately gets raided by the SEC & BIG Ten, I would think SMU being in Dallas would be as attractive as schools like Wake, BC, Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville, GA Tech, etc. I would think the BIG would love to have...
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    Oregon and Washington decided to

    With 18 teams, I assume the schedule for 2024 and beyond (or at least until they expand to 20) will only have 1 protected team for each school and rotate the other 16 every other year. I think Iowa will be matched with Nebraska, as Minnesota/Wisconsin will want to be matched together...
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    UW Board of Regents meeting tonight

    I like BIG adding Washington & Oregon to get to 18. The BIG would basically own everything outside of the bible belt. They should make one last take it or leave it offer to Notre Dame to see if they want one of the last two spots before moving ultimately to 20 members. If ND says No, then...
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    Sam Hojnar Transferring???

    I still can't believe 11.7 scholarships is the limit. That would be like only give 6 basketball scholarships. College baseball is fun to watch and I really enjoy the world series (the games have been great). I would think most 18-22 year old kids would prefer to play college baseball and live...
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    I think getting this statement out is good for all parties. I'm sure Jack wouldn't get recruited too hard if other power 5 schools assumed he was staying at Iowa. Maybe internally Fran feels he doesn't want to coach for another 7 years, so by having Jack 'open' up his recruitment he will have...
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    LSU clearly better team today

    I still don't understand the uproar over what Reese did. Is it poor sportsmanship, probably, but so what. Good sportsmanship is long gone. Watch an Iowa wrestling match and see how both wrestlers act towards each other, the other coaches, the other fans, etc. We don't say anything...
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    Hunter Dickinson in portal

    Would Iowa to get him, but I doubt Iowa will be on the list. I assume Hunter feels he is not going to be an NBA player, so maybe feels like going into the portal and getting a big payday to join the next team is the best way to get a financial windfall before he leaves college and ends up in...
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    What do y'all think about Brian's pay cut and ultimatum announced publicly today?

    I think this is an indication that 2023 may be Kirk's last year. This contract modification somewhat buys them 1 more year. If Brian cannot hit these really low targets, then Kirk retires so he doesn't have to 'fire' Brian, and Brian will go find an assistant/analyst job in the NFL somewhere...
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    Sounds like the NW game off

    It sucks the game is postponed since Iowa is playing really well right now (and NW is not). But on the positive side, I admire Fran for taking the high road and being flexible with NW. I don't many other of the d-bag coaches in this league would be this accommodating. Plus, Iowa may be OK...
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    Mike Woodson goes off bigtime on Fran in his post-game presser...cussing and everything

    Woodson is just trying to deflect and get his fans/media focusing on Fran's antics and not question why he's sitting there on his toddler booster seat doing nothing while his team blew a 20 point lead to a team that recently lost to Nebraska and Eastern Illinois. It's similar to James Franklin...
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    What should/could NCAA do to regain control?

    I am in favor of NIL, if it's actually money for a kid to profit on his name, image, likeness. I also liked that a kid can transfer and not have to sit out if there's a coaching change, or feels like it is no longer a could fit. However, in both of these cases, what is actually happening was...
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    This Is The Proctor Thread

    If Proctor leaves now it will suck, but let the kid decide what he feels is best for his situation. For fans complaining about him not living up to his verbal commitment, know that Iowa has flipped kids from MAC & FCS schools in the past and ended up with great players (Geno Stone, Desmond...