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    Ok what is wrong with Hannah? I have seen ACL to minor ankle injury. Thanks for any updates.
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    2 kicks out of bounds, next man in.
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    Lil Debbie and a bowl berth

    Having grown up in SW Iowa and having the Huskers crammed down your throat this is a huge game to me. Win and bragging rights are so good, lose and it is totally unbearable. Having watched all the Nebraska games this year there defense is greatly improved, but have they really been tested that...
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    Next man in

    So from the we have 2 capable CB'S? Or is this Nebraska last year? We are going to have to cover guys! Thoughts?
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    Goofers vs. Sand People Hate Thread

    Love Lil Debbie losing again. Ruhle choked, he should of ran the ball in the 4th. Their QB is a TO waiting to happen. Piss poor play calling. The look on Ruhle's face in the 4th was priceless...cotton mouth, licking his lips and looking for someone to save him. The Solich curse is real and I...
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    This staff blew it

    LSU, LOUISVILLE are putting together super rosters. Caitlin cannot do it all by herself. This staff failed. Hell. OSU greatly improved also.
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    This staff blew it

    Chance to hit the portal to get bigger and more athletic...crickets. Louisville signs 3 studs, LSU is going to get Van Lith and Morrow, or worse South Carolina gets Morrow. Inexcusable and if we all think we can compete with UCONN, LSU, and SC you are crazy. Truly a big time miss, and only 1...
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    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    South Carolina is in a league of their own. The Maryland coach was asked what made them so special, her answer was they have 5 players on the bench that could start for us. Not knocking the Hawks but we are not in SC'S class. However, that is why you play the game.
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    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    Lol, she couldn't do it. I coached highly competitive and state ranked HS girls teams. A good Jr. High boys team easily dominated any of my girls teams.
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    Elite Eight Hawkeyes-Cardinals Game Thread

    What about Walz being a better coach is not true??? Check his 12 years at Louisville.
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    Elite Eight Hawkeyes-Cardinals Game Thread

    Seriously dude...check his record out the last 12 years. He is a better coach and recruiter.
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    Elite Eight Hawkeyes-Cardinals Game Thread

    Walz>Bluder this may get ugly.
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    Sweet 16 Hawkeyes-Buffaloes Game Thread

    As I have said defense wins games, the better defensive team is Colorado. 12 offensive rebounds is unacceptable. Key to 2nd half will be foul trouble and conditioning.
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    I will tell you guys....if Iowa does not make the Final Four this year

    Colorado big and athletic play great D, 50% chance we win, if we meet Louisville we have 30% chance of winning. Jeff Walz will coach circles around Lisa. Colorado plays a 2 post look, spells trouble for Monica. We shall see, Iowa just isn't capable of handling a great defensive squad. Caitlin is...
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    Somewhat, but aren't impact players. Caitlin's window is short ... can't develop girls, go get ready to play athletes
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    Lisa is not taking advantage of Caitlin. She should be getting several 6'-6'3" ATHLETIC girls out of the portal. Instead we continue to be very vanilla and girls that are not top level talent. Look at UCONN, South Carolina, Louisville, they are athletic, rebounders and most importantly know how...
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    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    There is real traction with this Fran story. His age is a non-factor.
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    Iowa @ MSU Game Thread

    I watched it, she purposely hit the girl. Right call...
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    Iowa @ MSU Game Thread

    She does it all the time and Lisa should sit her. Love her but she hooks, throws elbows and is dirty. She intentionally slapped that girl.
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    Why I still think this is a tournament team

    Tonight reinforces my thinking. Best lineup will be Connor, Dix, Sandford, Murray and Rebecca. Ullis and Perkins need an attitude adjustment...the bench should provide it. Gives us shooters, length and better rebounding. Just a solid bball IQ group. Let Mulvey see if he can continue to spell...