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    Paul Finnebaum, not a Clown fan

    Fiinebaum is living proof that there are more good jobs in sports journalism/reporting than there are qualified applicants to fill the slots. Most people agree that SEC is the superior football conference but I'm not sure that Finebaum made it much beyond kindergarten. I'm not a Cyclone fan but...
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    Major ISU Shakeup

    Hey guys & gals, before gloating over what may be some forthcoming Cyclone misery, I suggest you consider the time tested adage, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!" Not much fun to eat crow.
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    More indiscretions tied back to Iowa football program

    Fry, your post about "Hookers and blow" is like a Visa Card - priceless!! One of the better posts I've seen on this board lately.
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    Have to admit...

    Chosen, you are spot on. It is interesting to speculate & discuss how Caitlin's game will transfer to WNBA. However, other than her personal drive to play at that level it is sort of a meaningless discussion. Assume she stays healthy and that Lisa can continue to surround her with quality...
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    Kansas' Joseph Yesufu

    Sorry guys, didn't mean to post on wrong forum. However, even with my mistake I assume y'all will get the point.
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    Kansas' Joseph Yesufu

    Would like to see Fran take a look at ex Drake & now Kansas transfer portal guy, Joseph Yesufu. He is a gamer with experience & could help the Hawks immediately. Don't know if he has 1 or 2 years left but he's better than the guards we had this year except for Perkins. Cat quick.
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    Iowa Men worse performing team in the NCAAs as the higher seed since 2013-2023

    Things could be worse. I believe I just heard on TV that Purdue has lost opening round ncaa tourney game to a double digit seed the last 3 years in succession. OUCH!!! I watched Alford's team (3 seed I think) lose to the directional school from Louisiana (14 seed) at a sports bar in Atlanta -...
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    Rob Sand Wants Barta Out

    I don't have a strong opinion as to whether or not Barta should be fired. I leave that decision to the person he reports tol However, I have STRONG OPINION that not one thin dime of the settlement fund should come from any taxpayer funded account. The entire settlement should be paid out of...
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    Have to admit...

    Caitlin is fast becoming one of the biggest names in all of college basketball. Her name is also brought up frequently on national sports radio shows. Makes one wonder, how might HyVee consider an ad campaign featuring Caitlin and Pat Mahommes? It has got to be tempting for her to lose some of...
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    Brian isn't going anywhere

    Hey Fry, you seem to have a pretty good perspective on things. How do we reconcile successful recruitment of McNamara with continuation of BF as offensive coordinator? Hard to believe McNamara would agree to more of last season's offensive style & production. Do you suppose McNamara was...
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    The world we live in...

    Interesting discussion about the current state of affairs in farming. Gone are the days when a family could eke out a living on 120 or 140 acre farm along with some hogs & cattle. Fryowa is accurate in his description of the ag situation in extreme NW Iowa. Similar to that in virtually the...
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    Howe: 10 Most Indispensable Hawkeyes for '22

    Ahhh, Fry. That may be the most accurate, succinct and timely post you've ever made. Here's hoping Petras plays beyond his ability.
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    UNI to play Nebraska in 2024

    Not new, Fry. Just thought I'd bring a little gallows humor to the discussion.
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    UNI to play Nebraska in 2024

    Hey Okeefe, where were you when North Dakota State Bison rolled into town a few years ago? Look up the score of that game for a reference point.
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    Kadyn Proctor Down to Iowa, Alabama

    Very well done, duke.
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    Iowa Basketball Hires Matt Gatens

    This is a HOME RUN hire. Great person with knowledge about Iowa high school environment and Hawkeye tradition. Gatens popped into my mind the instant Speraw announced his retirement. As a life long (many many decades) Hawkeye fan I couldn't be more thrilled with this hire. Outstandiing!!
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    Hawks favored by 10 at Northwestern

    Are Hawks favored by 10 or is somebody betting we'll score 10? Both thoughts are a stretch.
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    Brian Ferentz

    I'd lay money BF will NOT be the next Iowa head coach. Baggage from the racial issue will not go away. New president has no allegiance to either Ferentz. BF does not have track record of sufficient success to rise to the top of a pool of strong candidates and you can bet your life the Iowa...
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    Nebraska at Illinois

    How much time left, loesshills?
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    Nebraska over Rutgers by 21

    You are spot on, Ree. Nebby has punched the Hawks in the gut several times when Hawks were heavily favored. I recall the year Huskers came back from 20 point deficit to beat Woodbury & company. Both games this week are treacherous. Hawks need to stay focused or they could lose both games.