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  1. chucktownhawk

    Passing game issues

    I will also add, our line did not give up a sack. As young as our line is, they'll start reacting quicker. Linderbaum is the true captain of our team and will instill confidence to get the job done.
  2. chucktownhawk

    Passing game issues

    I guess whatever works. I would love to see a home run a few times a game. I'm not sure our line can sustain that. We're very young and raw yet.
  3. chucktownhawk

    ***Official Hawks Stomp A Mudhole In The Golden Flushes Game Thread***

    Late to the party.....I'm actually playing golf at Trapper's Turn, Wisconsin Dells.......can I say I really hate red and white.....F Bucky......Go Hawks
  4. chucktownhawk

    Great win, but plenty to work on

    Are they trying to figure out if they're trans-cyclonic or cis-cyclonic......either way they're still ISU
  5. chucktownhawk

    El Assico. Iowa vs Iowa State Gamethread.

    What's black and white and red all over?
  6. chucktownhawk


    Ducks and Bucks.....gotta love college football. I don't give 2 shits who it is.....this will be a great game.
  7. chucktownhawk

    College GameDay Returning to Ames

    That and Crissy Williams will have wood all day long
  8. chucktownhawk

    How The Hell Does Kansas Even Get On TV?

    I'd rather watch fake high school teams
  9. chucktownhawk

    When the CyHawk game is over, besides the score, what is your prediction for the most meaningful aspect to this game?

    Sacks and turnovers. I think Petras will have happy feet and with that being said, he may be forced to run or throw and could, I did say could make mistakes. ISU will bring the house. Learn from that and do screens, anything to keep moving forward. We need to run and we need to run right at...
  10. chucktownhawk

    Why do you want Iowa beat Iowa State?

    And some in-laws were dropped on their heads a few times at childbirth. I have in-laws that love Nebraska. As Hawk fans, we're just surrounded by idiots.
  11. chucktownhawk

    Why do you want Iowa beat Iowa State?

    I voted other... To laugh and it's fun
  12. chucktownhawk

    People Who Yell, "PASS!!!" From The Stands...

    Reminds me of these commercials
  13. chucktownhawk

    Who else isn't sold on Petras still?

    Aaahhh, the week long jitters. Here we go. Lol. I've never felt comfortable with this game and I have 4 calendars at work, with 9/11 circled, but for a much better reason. Petras needs to be fucking ready to go. ISU=blitz. Our line was not formidable Saturday. I was very surprised to have rushed...
  14. chucktownhawk

    Iowa +3.5 Who ya got?

    I hope Petras comes out cool and collected. Crazy game atmosphere. You have to establish something soon. I like the fact that we get nasty and establish our run game. Let's add a little chocolate and caramel, a few nuts to our vanilla and see what happens. Use tight ends to help block, then slip...
  15. chucktownhawk

    Is Iowa"s defense elite?

    Riley Moss can't get to Ames fast enough to show the clowns what elite is......F the cardinal and mustard.....let's go
  16. chucktownhawk

    Initial Game thoughts

    Riley Moss > the whole state of Indiana. Defense was dominant. Offense seemed stuck in neutral. Opening game nerves. O line will get better. Benson and Campbell are ballers. Defense will keep us in every game.
  17. chucktownhawk

    Who’s Going To Be At The Game?

    Tailgating'll be a nice day......
  18. chucktownhawk

    Official Indiana at Iowa prediction thread

    34-28 Iowa
  19. chucktownhawk

    Paul Finebaum Absolutely Torches Scott Frost

    Ahhh, the pregnant girlfriend. The only hole Frost has been able to plug........