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    That sounds better than going to random hacking sites and probably getting a virus like I've been doing. Thanks.
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    What channel is it on Directv?
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    Calling players names will get you banned

    I just went through a few pages. It's gonna be a ghost town around here.
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    Michigan vs Bama

    This Yeldon kid is unreal.
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    PSU losing to Ohio

    I hope Ohio pulls this out. I don't care at all about conference loyalty when it's a school I no longer want in our conference.
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    Big 10 Games Thread

    I can't stand these NW jerseys.
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    Reese Morgan. I like him, but...

    I also went to BC. What year?
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    PSU mess possibly saves Ann Arbor

    I'm talking about every other thread where somebody comes in and says "another PSU thread? Really?". OP explains it in his first line. Some people think its talked about too much already and I completely disagree.
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    PSU mess possibly saves Ann Arbor

    I never understood why people click on a thread then complain about what the thread is about. Don't wanna talk about PSU? Don't click thread. This stuff is much more important than spending July talking about who our backup long snapper is going to be.
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    PS3 Commercial

    Jake Christensen.
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    B10/P12 scheduling agreement cancelled

    Now we'll get to play all the directional Michigans in the same year.
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    I got married in February to stay clear of hunting/football in the fall. Well, my luck, Iowa plays in the Big Ten Tournament that night so I ended up having three big screens brought to the reception. Even told the DJ he couldn't play anything till the game was over.
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    Shame on you Gerry Sandusky haters

    Pretty good thanks to Tommy Callahan saving the auto parts factory.
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    Sports Media is controlling.

    There are lots of people I hate and have never met. Pitbull, Jesse Palmer, Matt Perrault. Sometimes people hate others just based on the way they act. The Decision and the not five, not six, crap rubbed people the wrong way. I don't care about Lebron either way but if somebody wants to hate...
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    David Stern punks Jim Rome

    This makes me think you might be one of those rare smart clone fans. However, any interviewer that wouldn't ask that question is a coward because there was a ton of talk about "the fix".
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    What the... Pacquiao lost??

    I want to see the round by round scorecards. I want to see what rounds were given to Bradley.
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    Auburn Football Tragedy

    Terrible, terrible news.
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    What the... Pacquiao lost??

    Biggest joke I've ever seen.
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    Pacquiao vs. Bradley

    I was rooting for Bradley to win. I was ****** when that decision was read. Even a guy rooting for Bradley thinks this is BS.
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    Pacquiao vs. Bradley

    If boxing wasn't dead before, it is now. That was absurd. Congrats UFC, you're the winner tonight.