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    Khirey Floyd Added as Walkon

    Stoermer and Stubbs really aren't PG's and aren't anywhere near quick enough to even attempt to guard an opposing PG at this level. I think Murphy will be there for the start of Fall workouts along with Floyd.
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    Nice weather we're having

    How are the kids? Since nothing I post shows up here, I thought I'd try a post about nothing.
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    NCAA Proposes End to Early Scholarship Offers

    I like that idea, but it will never happen. Doesn't fit the ethics of the day.
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    Conditioning an early walk-up call for Iowa basketball

    This new guy ain't messin' around! :)
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    Melvin Ejim-Cyclone Recruit

    Wrong board.
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    Isaiah Nunn

    He got a full ride to a convent.
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    Coach Jordan hired by Beilein at Michigan

    Spanky, to the best of my knowledge Fran McCaffery hasn't signed a contract to this day. Kirk Ferentz worked at Iowa for a long period without a signed contract. It's not at all uncommon for coaches to start work before the contract has been signed. An oral contract can be binding if the...
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    He was quoted as saying the staff told him they wouldn't recruit another PG.
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    PTL Draft

    What kind of an injury did Cole sustain?
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    PTL Draft

    I think someone is trying to encourage Brennan. I hope he gets it all together. He must want to try or he wouldn't still be there.
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    New Walk on Branden Stubbs

    You are out of your mind, on virtually all counts of that post. By the way, the only source on Stubbs being a preferred walkon thus far is his father. If Branden Stubbs ever ends up with an Iowa basketball scholarship, either he will have improved exponentially or something will have gone...
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    Whats the word on McCabe?

    You don't know much about our offense or about McCabe. A guy who's 6'6'-6'7 and can run, handle, pass and shoot will fit in this system very well. Is he a high flyer? No. However, he is an excellent athlete.
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    Cartwright has signed

    I'm a Hopmasters sub and while much of the content isn't of interest (I can only stand a certain amount of Summer AAU drivel), there is more than enough to make it worthwhile for an Iowa fan.
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    PTL tryouts and info on Murphy and Moore

    I doon't think there's a limit on walk-ons participating in your program, but there may be a conference rule on numbers who can travel, dress or sit on the bench.
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    Cartwright has signed

    Can't sign anything that biinds him to Iowa. Got to keep the wolves at bay until enrollment.
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    New 2010 signee

    Fran wants to attack the basket. I won't be surprised to see Cartwright and Payne on the floor together some this season.
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    Podcast of 6/2 McCaffery Interview on KXNO

    They don't want recruiting to become a public war of words between coaches about who's more interested or which school is the better place for a kid. I think it's a very good rule and I would feel even more so if I were a coach. It's bad enough that they have to pander to these kids in private...
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    Podcast of 6/2 McCaffery Interview on KXNO

    A little later in the interview he said "hopefully he signs with us," but I agree, it sounds like Fran is pretty confident they're about to sign someone. By the way that quote establishes at least one thing for sure: The prospective recruit is male. :p
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    Podcast of 6/2 McCaffery Interview on KXNO

    If it is Lamb, that could be a reason why the staff wanted it hush-hush. Players who are assumed to have signed after committing may not attract attention and if it were widely known that he was not signed you can bet there would be multiple suitors for any player with stats like that. I...
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    McCaffery coming up on KXNO at 7:05

    Ahh! Good to see that I can post here again! Good interview Jon, I was lucky to catch it thanks to your post which I read literally at 7:05 a.m.