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  1. 94HawkMA

    Hawkeyes Win Gulf Coast Showcase

    What was the argument between Mittie and Bluder about?
  2. 94HawkMA

    Absolutely ecstatic with the offense

    Those comments from Jon are badges of honor for you. I think Penn State, WI, and NE will have something to say about a perfect season. I'm not definitely saying those three teams will be the losses, but 9-3 seems like the ceiling this fall.
  3. 94HawkMA

    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Western Michigan

    Initially, when I saw the 28 point spread, I was skeptical. As the week has progressed, I am warming up to a blowout win for the Hawks. I'm saying 38-3, Iowa.
  4. 94HawkMA

    Watch: Iowa Football Player Interviews - Utah State

    That was awesome. Great seeing #34 and the confidence that he has. That has me more fired up for this week.
  5. 94HawkMA

    Howe: Potential Shown By Iowa Offense

    I don't think he will stay healthy. He's not healthy, now. We did see a lot of pulling on the OL. There is no where to go but up for the run blocking. 2.7 yds per carry against Ut State?
  6. 94HawkMA

    Howe: Potential Shown By Iowa Offense

    Hawks definitely show explosive potential in the passing game. The running game - nah. For all of you that thought this would now be the Steelers O Line of the 70's, where do you stand now?
  7. 94HawkMA

    Starting Lineup

    They might be bigger, but that same group did not perform last season. Why do we think this season will be different?
  8. 94HawkMA

    Starting Lineup

    For the DLine, in particular, I think you will see at least 8 players on Saturday, and for much of the season. Graves will play a huge role this year.
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    Is Northern Iowa supposed to be really good, good, just average??

    I love how the clowns are saying they were not playing with their entire playbook. That's ridiculous. The expectations out of Lames are that they are playing for the natty. You don't do that by beating UNI by 6. They were in danger of losing that game. You don't do that when you are national...
  10. 94HawkMA

    Underwood post game

    Illinois is a well coached team. They played with discipline the entire game, including the end. It's the officials that were incompetent. I think Illinois was just trying to play hard and for the whole game. Also, the Illinois assistants should be fired.
  11. 94HawkMA

    End of game

    totally agree. Also, The officials the incompetent officials.
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    Pemsl could not get in the flow of that game. Something is wrong there. He is talented.
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    Game Report: Hawkeyes Hold Off No. 24 Rutgers for 4th Win in a Row

    Iowa showed toughness again in that game. Rutgers plays ugly basketball. I hate it.
  14. 94HawkMA

    Fleck postgame

    I'm going from the perspective that they both tell their players to fake injuries. I think they are both liars and are unethical.
  15. 94HawkMA

    Did Fleck keel-haul his freshman QB?

    Fleck = Dantonio
  16. 94HawkMA

    Fleck postgame

    Fleck = Dantonio
  17. 94HawkMA

    Howe: Hawkeyes' Signature Win Highlights What Might Have Been

    Man am I glad I was wrong about this game. That was awesome!
  18. 94HawkMA

    Fleck postgame

    Fleck = Dantonio
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    Field Storm

    If you don't understand the storming the field, you don't understand the history of the Iowa Minnesota rivalry. Have you already forgotten the goal posts in the dome? Also, The rivalry in this series goes way back. Also, why deny the fans this fun? The way this season is going, the fans really...
  20. 94HawkMA

    Iowa Football Preview, Prediction: Unbeaten Minnesota Rows into Kinnick

    Iowa will not be a tough road environment Saturday. Fans are tired and have low expectations.