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    Connor McCaffery Shines for Iowa

    And academic all BIG for 4 seasons!
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    Iowa @ Oregon St Game Thread

    Hawks playing in my part of the world. Woo who! I get to see one in person! I’ll be cheering loud for the Hawks despite the tuition checks I’ve been writing to OSU the last 6 years. Go Hawks!
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    Howard should be done at Michigan

    one of the reports I watched on this said Michigan was still running a full-court press when Wisconsin had all back-ups in. I agree that a TO with 15 seconds shouldn't occur but if Michigan is going to keep pressing into the end, Wisconsin can call the TO to help their players out.
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    Iowa Athletics COVID-19 Discussion

    I acknowledged that deaths lag cases and said that fortunately the death trajectory wasn't following the case trajectory. But 'my master's verbiage'? What the hell are you trying to say there;? Just because I believe that there will be football this fall and I think that situations are being...
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    Iowa Athletics COVID-19 Discussion

    Yes, I acknowledge that the seven day moving average has climbed the past week, but it is has generally been steady since the start of June and is still only a third of what it was back in April. Additionally, the cases started skyrocketing a month ago but, thank goodness, the death rate has...
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    Iowa Athletics COVID-19 Discussion

    The death rate - the blue line and the left axis - have continued to fall from there April high and and flat lined for the past 6 weeks. The case rate - the orange line and right axis - started climbing again post Memorial Day, but even taking the 'two week lag' into account, the 7 day moving...
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    Are you personally worried about getting the Coronavirus? Two thirds of all new cases in NYC were staying at home and not riding the subway.
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    Schwartz: Bleak Outlook for Hawkeyes in Ames

    For some reason I can't seem to learn the lesson; don't bother with the crud that Schwartz writes.
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    Iowa Shocks Evanston Prediction Thread

    I'm not buying the jNW hype this season. Sure they surprised Stanford in the opener and won the "Battle of the Brainiac's Cup" by beating Duke and Tulane, but their wins really aren't that impressive. And maybe KF isn't a master motivator, but you know for sure BF will be reminding them how...
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    31-0 4th quarter - passing the ball and going for TDs- question for you guys

    1) If we're up 31-0 in the 4th it will be the 2's on the field for us, so yes, let them get their reps in! 2) It's the cats; stomp them as bad as we can!
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    It's Gameday!

    I like your optimism! My call is 34-17 with the 4th quarter pick 6 by Mabin to put it away!
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    Name the time remaining

    2:25 left in the 1st!
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    Jerminic Smith, James Daniels Will Play This Year

    With everything that has been said in the past about how complicated our passing schemes are, I agree that it is impressive that a true freshmen receiver will be seeing action this year.
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    CJ Hilliard gone

    Using the fact that we've yet to see a practice photo of CJ with a carry, he's was probably sitting number 7 on the rotation. As for your "Kirk can only relate to small town IA kids" he was sitting behind (in no order): Daniels - Warren, OH Canzeri - Troy, NY Wadley - Newark, NJ Graham -...
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    losing like this to OSU

    I'm happy with this loss. We were supposed to lose this game but we played them even for 3+ quarters
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    Oregon question

    I didn't bother trying to secure tickets in the Iowa section, just took best available. Taking my son to his first Hawk game. Always thought it would be football in Kinnick but can't pass up this opportunity. Go Hawks
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    OFFICIAL Iowa @ Minny Predictions

    Iowa - 38 Minn - 17 Iowas leads 24-10 at the half and give up another garbage touchdown when the 3rd stringers are on the field