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    10 wins

    In the Sagarin football rankings there are 6 pack 12 teams ranked higher than Iowa Iowa has the 59th hardest schedule in the nation when I looked last week. I'll adjust my original statement for you - \ The Big Ten East is one of the top 3 conferences for sure. The Big ten West is a toilet...
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    Enjoy the win tonight Hawks

    This team looks better than last years.
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    Early Odds

    Why do you care so much what i think my man - get bent? im shitty? Seriously why so emo about this? I'm a little worried about your mental state.
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    Early Odds

    not really many people hang here anymore tbh. Lol okay, I'm not an Iowa fan... I've eaten dinner at Tom Davis's house... I went on a recruiting trip with Lute Olsen. I've been to hundreds of Hawkeyes games in my life. Because I don't think like you then I'm not a fan. The thing is you...
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    Early Odds

    did you really just say people who don't agree with you should go die in a car accident? Holy shit lol
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    Nice win over Seton Hall

    Our young players look promising. We need to recruit a shooter perhaps.
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    Kirk's last season?

    He said he was coming back a few weeks ago.
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    Our defense gave up THREE touchdowns in the past SIX games.

    dont bring realism into these discussions sir.
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    Michigan or OSU. Do you have a preference?

    OSU would be my preference. Our defense is built better to defend the pass and get turnovers,
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    10 wins

    there are power conferences with more than 2 good teams The Pac 12 has alot - and they about to join the big ten. SEC has more than 2 as well.
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    10 wins

    We are an okay team. We have a good defense - but we also play crappy competition We played one decent team in conference and got curb stomped. Can call me a jerk if you want, it's just reality. I was cheering for the victory just like everyone else, but I'm not blind.
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    10 wins

    I was happy we won.. but I also can't lie to myself. You don't need to pity me either - i gave up being upset a long time ago. I just watch now and accept what I'm going to get.
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    10 wins

    Most power 5 conferences? not sure about that.... occassionaly yeah PS - ill kick rocks after you suck my dick
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    10 wins

    But that's about to change and so will our smoke and mirror win totals.
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    10 wins

    the big ten is such trash outside of two teams.
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    Was roughing the passer the right call?

    It was a dumb play... he needs to know that you can't drive the qb like that. You cannot like the rule sure... but it was a mental mistake.
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    Thank you to Brian Ferentz

    okeefe is the master of satire.
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    Expectations for tonight at Creighton?

    Another night.. another trash can performance by officials. I particulary enjoyed where Alexander dropped the shoulder on Perkins... no call Perkins slaps down 100% ball and foul on Perkins. Bunch of bullshit out of the officials tonight. They sucked cock.
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    Is KF the Big Ten Coach of the Year as of right now?

    He gets an award for beating a bunch of shitty teams he should beat? This entire thread encapsulates the joke of this program.
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    KF done after this yr?

    yeah i have zero hope for next year. But then again I honestly havent had much expectation for this football program for about 15-20 years.