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    Report: B1G Cancels Fall Football Season

    You don’t understand Title 9 do you?
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    Hawkeyes Suspend Workouts after Positive COVID-19 Tests

    So long best Iowa basketball team in my lifetime. Never even knew ya. Hopefully another great team comes around sooner. And without a pandemic to stop it.
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    Howe: Iowa Football Must Address Former Players Speaking Out

    This is not how I saw Kirk Ferentz ending his career at Iowa. These acts of hidden racism and racial mistreatment are unacceptable and have been going on for many years. Kirk has known. Imagine how many current players would like to express themselves but are not allowed to. The blowback from...
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    ISU BBall finding it difficult to sign transfers

    They just landed a transfer finally and all is well in Cyclone Fanatic Land. Back to Sweet 16 talk in future.
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    ISU BBall finding it difficult to sign transfers

    They are very confident Obi Toppin’s brother is their’s to lose and is the savior they need. 5 ppg and 4 rpg at Rhode Island.
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    Garza Will Test NBA Waters, Leave Door Open for Iowa Return

    Listening to Luka he will stay in NBA draft of just one team tells him he’s in their plans. Only takes one. Does it mean that team follows through? I’d hope so but think there is a lot of false promises with this stuff too. I’d say while Luka is saying he will come back and he would all it is...
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    That's it, no big ten tournament

    That's what I was thinking but next season if unknown. What if he gets injured? Other variables that factor in that Iowa doesn't make it? Nothing is guaranteed.
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    That's it, no big ten tournament

    Nothing is guaranteed. Guess we will never know what Iowa would have done this post-season. Now we "just wait until next season" like usual but as this season has shown, don't count on what you expected to happen to happen. It was a fun season that amounted to nothing really. Here's to next...
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    Minnesota is hot

    Wow! That contradicts what I heard about Iowa but wonder what Iowa is specifically. Iowa is actually 0-5 in BTT as a 5 seed per John Sears at WHO-TV 13.
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    Minnesota is hot

    They are playing Iowa next. Of course they can.
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    Minnesota is hot

    I don’t like Iowa in this position. Beating a team 3x in one season is very difficult. Iowa is 0-4 as a 5 seed. Fran is just 4-9 in BTT. Throw in no fans tomorrow and Gophers getting hot...gulp. I don’t know for sure as I didn’t catch whole conversation on air but think someone asked about the...
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    Would You Rather...?

    Illinois and not even close. But again, Iowa doesn't help themselves with these scenarios. When given big opportunities to do something they don't win those games. Therefore putting themselves in poor matchups/draws.
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    Games you just can't lose

    No confirmation or any source but wondering if he's pressing because he knows what he needs to work on from his NBA feedback and it's affecting his game. Reasoning is perhaps he's already decided that a professional career is in the books following this season as he and McKenzie Meyer are...
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    Games you just can't lose

    Unless he can change the narrative of this by getting a better seed than 7 and making a run (which is easier to do when not a mediocre seed) then, surprise, this will continue to be the narrative. Not really even a narrative but fact. Becoming mundane and monotonous being placed with a mediocre...
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    Games you just can't lose

    Great teams win those games.
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    Cordell Pemsl Arrested

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Pemsl is NOT part of the plans for the future of this team next season.
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    Boiler them up Hawks...Game thread.

    Rest the starters for Saturday. That game must absolutely be won. They lose Saturday this season is off the rails.
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    Boiler them up Hawks...Game thread.

    And thus begins the Fran Fade...
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    Iowa White Out vs Orange Crush Game Thread

    Uh oh. Iowa can't afford to lose this game. The Fran Fade beginning? It is February. Or is it the tired legs of this team? I'm hoping it's just the tired legs but there could be a lot of losing coming this month. Sigh.
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    Possibly biggest game of the year?

    I’d say it’s a “must win” game