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    Here is next season's schedule and what we lose

    I am guessing next year's over/under from Vegas will be 7.5.
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    Preview: Hawkeyes Head Back into Big Ten Play at Purdue

    Iowa needs Cook and Garza to be really good in this one. Edwards will give Iowa's guards problems because he gives everyone problems.
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    Which Tackle (s) can slide into Guard?

    Polasek mentioned they aren't going to touch the tackles. Those guys will be third year starting tackles and ill be even better next year. My guess is Kallenberger will be at one of the guard spots. They are high on Plumb but he seems like strictly a RT. Linderbaum and Banwart will...
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    The next McCarron, Vandeberg, or Easley?

    Tracy will take Easley's place with Ragaini as his back up. Cooper will back up ISM. And Lockett will back up Smith. Tracy, Smith and Smith-Marsette have a chance to be a really good WR corp next year.
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    Finish the season ranked?

    Yes, they will ranked.
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    Pretty typical Ferentz Recruiting effort

    Goodson looks to be a difference maker so maybe you aren't looking. Padilla was offered by Georgia.
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    How Many Players Go Pro?

    Fant. That is it.
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    Sorting Through the Latest News on Iowa Recruiting Front

    LaPorta looks like a great TE prospect. Reminds me of Hockenson in HS.
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    Iowa Offers Cedar Falls WR Logan Wolf

    This kid looks like a better prospect than the Porter kid who committed to ISU.
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    Eno Benjamin 3rd Team AP All American

    Like someone mentioned above, he will go down with Melvin Gordon as greatest what ifs at RB and maybe Higdon. But I think Benjamin is even worse because he wanted to come to Iowa and Iowa was the one that backed off.
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    Sorting Through the Latest News on Iowa Recruiting Front

    I think they are recruiting him as a TE.
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    New RB flip over Brock???

    I also think Brock is maybe not the type of RB they are looking for. They are looking for an all around RB that is a bit more elusive than Brock. Brock is a more of a physical straight ahead guy.
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    David Bell No Longer Taking Iowa Official

    I frankly don't care if Iowa ever has a receiver in the NFL. What I do care about is how good they are at Iowa and they have struggled lately with that. Although I think that could be turning around.
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    David Bell No Longer Taking Iowa Official

    He actually has offers from Michigan State, Iowa State, Missouri, Washington State, Ole Miss, and Pittsburgh.
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    David Bell No Longer Taking Iowa Official

    Saw that some are projecting he is staying at WR because he has good speed for his size. I am wondering if there were some academic concerns.
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    David Bell No Longer Taking Iowa Official

    Iowa already offered another receiver. This one from Ohio
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    One mock draft has Hockenson and Fant going in the 1st rd

    The likelihood of that is close to zero. That many TEs usually don't get taken in the first round.