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    Thank you Defense for showing up and playing like a championship defense

    I was thinking the same thing about Michigan. No one was complaining about the way they won.... They didn't do it with a flashy and explosive offense.
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    Cades influence on other players

    You mean like last year? Yeah, our defense was horrible this year without all the talent that went to the NFL. LOL.
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    Ferentz will always do it his way

    I get it if you have an offense with a pulse, but when you don't and you're facing a good defense as we were in Nebraska, I wish we would defer. And, as you mentioned, let our defense set the tone. We've deferred quite a few times this year. Let your offense get its bearings and see if you...
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    Kirk Ferentz for B1G COTY

    Tom Allen was fired today. His buyout is $20 million and would have been $8 million if they had waited one more year. That is a tough place to win. I think Bert is safe.
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    10 wins

    I'm probably in the minority but I don't quite understand all of the fear with the four new teams coming in from the PAC-12. For years, that conference has been a laughing stock. They haven't made a playoff since when, 2016? They've had a very good year this season, no doubt about it. And...
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    For some entertainment...

    He was hired by Trev Alberts, who just got a huge raise and extension. He is at least trying to do things the right way, as opposed to Scott Frost, who tried to change things with smoke and mirrors. I don't think Ruhle is going anywhere for a while.
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    Lil Debbie and a bowl berth

    As a fellow SW Iowan (originally any way), I share your passion for this game. I am not as concerned about Purdy as you are. How many times did his big brother beat us while he was in Ames? Zero. I think Phil will have the defense prepared. But I agree this is going to be a tough game...
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    Is Kaleb Johnson injured

    I used to think that Williams wasn't really a speed back. Good power runner who will always get the extra yards but probably not going to break the long one. The 75 yard run against Wisconsin proved me wrong. He has deceptive speed.
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    15 receptions by WRs

    Who is Smith?
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    Is it true the Illinois didn't participate in the wave?

    Probably about half the team was out on the field in a large huddle around the coaches and they did not wave. The players on the sideline turned around and did. My wife and I commented that it was the first time we remembered a team not participating.
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    If the impossible happened....

    This is not going to happen, no matter the results on the field.
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    Jimbo Fired

    Yep. Rinse and repeat.
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    Kaleb Brown Looking to Build on Big Catch

    I said it in another thread but I think it would be difficult to leave when he would have to sit out another year. I guess he would have to weigh what is best for him: sit out another entire year, or plow into another year here and hopefully grow as a player. This situation is not the same...
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    Concerned about our line coming into this game

    From what KF said in his presser this week, Logan Jones, Rusty Feth and Mason Richman are all going to basically be game time decisions. Logan Jones was in a walking boot though. I have my doubts he will play. No other info, just my personal thought on it.
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    Nick Brooks is gone already

    Isn't he on some NFL roster now?
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    Next year the D finally falls off?

    TT has not been eligible to receive NIL money. Some sort of rule with Australians. So that could hinder things a bit as it seems like many of the country's best punters come from there (and our past two). But a lot of Australian punters come over here to punt and who better to learn from than...
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    Wrigley Fan Experience

    I believe they said during the game that it was over one of the dugouts but I can't remember which one. Said that it took them a month to prepare the field for football. It sounded as if they had to lay dirt and sod right over where that dugout is. I'm glad it was a great experience but I...
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    Portal ?

    I don't see Brown transferring. He would have have to sit out 2024 and have only 2 years of eligibility remaining. And with any luck, he is starting to grow into a role and could become a valuable piece.
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    With 3 games left - lets speculate

    That is pretty close to how I see it.
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    Is Kaleb Johnson injured

    I saw in another thread on this site that he may have had a stomach bug that is apparently going around. I have no idea if that is the case or not but given that he wasn't on the injury report and nothing was mentioned, that is a plausible explanation.