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    A few Classless Fans need to get a grip

    Nobody is bashing petras as a person. Nobody. Every report and interview with him he seems like a great guy. But the dude just flat out sucks at QB. I also saw the video tweet of him talking about it and I can understand not enjoying what he and his family reads online but he sure as heck isn’t...
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    Thoughts on Season

    Iowa fans are not happy with 10 wins because we know it was all smoke and mirrors.
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    Howe: Time for Change

    Maybe someday the media and athletic department will grow some balls and stop playing this fake game of “Iowa nice” bs and start grilling Kirk on why his son is still allowed to run the offense.
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    Matt Campbell Showing What it is to be a Clown

    Surly won’t be next year. Not after losing 16 starters. They are looking at a 3-4 win year next season.
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    Well, since you said you read through my profile I assume you can also count (probably a stretch to assume that for you), you can see that a member from 2009-2021 is 12 years.
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    It’s actually 12 years. Which is 6 years longer than you have been trolling this site. Everyone thinks your a joke on here
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    My post history is over 12 years long. We’re not all losers with no life who can sit in mom’s basement and post all day like you
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    Brian Ferentz Looking for Answers on Offense

    Brian needs to be looking for a new job.
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    Nobody should take joke posters seriously
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    In any other P5 program…

    Brian needs to be fired tomorrow and if that means that Kirk walks because he wants to continue to milk paychecks for his inept son then so be it. This can not continue to stand.
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    ***Official Kirk Ferentz Gives Champaign, IL The Clap Game Thread***

    Petras is trash. Goodson would be better at QB
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    Dear Coach Ferentz

    Grow up.
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    Note from the Publisher

    Do you really expect people to reply honestly to your loony toons post? Im curious what you think anyone can even say about it since its so full of crap. FYI, gods not real
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    Note from the Publisher

    Im mostly shocked that you, Rob Howe, Listened to, wrote down and published DJK say that kirk had his drug trap house raided. At that point, knowing how many times and how big of a liar and thief his is, you still said "yep Ill publish this story". Why didnt you talk to all the other players...
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    Kaevon Merriweather Tweet

    Will someone please think about the racists!
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    **Official CW Bowl, Hope Both Teams Lose Game Thread**

    Ya hate to see it...
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    7-5 is a memorable season for Iowa State?

    You need to lay off the pipe if you think a 7-5 (zero wins vs ranked teams) ISU was Iowa’s “best win”.
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    Let the nebraska meltdown continue.

    Frost is a fraud.
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    ***Official Sand People Extinction Thread, 2019 Edition***

    Nate would have overthrown him by 10 yards
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    So TJH and Fant

    Brian has been hiding behind first round TEs since he became OC. Now he doesn’t have them and he has been exposed