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    Iowa-Minnesota Football Takeaways

    I think seeing Iowa football move on is a risk a lot of us are willing to take.
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    Questionable Call

    The only way Brian will go is if Kirk goes and that is highly unlikely to happen
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    All I know is that 99+% of Hawkeye Nation are sick of our offense, our slow and lack of pocket presence QBs.
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    I was talking about pro tom Brady but point taken. Maybe I should have said Michael Vick instead but you get my point. If a QB has even a little mobility it's somehow viewed as a detriment by the ferentz' brain trust
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    Do you have absolutely any faith in what the ferentz' assessment is of any QB? I do not. Probably would have tom Brady at 3rd string
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    I don't know the answer but why hasn't he played a down since McNamara got hurt? Played the bowl game last year and familiar with the God awful offensive scheme. And he can move a little. Ahhhh, there's the answer!
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    Hawks-Gophers Game Thread

    If that's actually true then not a fair catch, hence why it wasn't called on the field. Lots of money changed hands on 1 call
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    Questionable Call

    Don't the refs actually have to make a call that it was a fair catch on the field to actually reverse it? Beyond confusing. If trying to get your guys away from a short punt isn't able to be advanced, then a really stupid rule. Only takes 1 ref to make the call, none did
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    Lets discuss Michigan State

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    Possible Candidates

    Agree, need to look west. Multiple candidates in Oregon and washington
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    Offensive Record?

    If we have a 50-60th ranked offense, we probably would have won the last 5 west titles and probably 2 big 10 titles. The talent difference isn't as great as most people believe other than. Ohio State. It has been the OFFENSE and ONLY the OFFENSE from 1975. How and why Ferentz' let's this go on...
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    Do you enjoy Iowa football still?

    Needs to be the last year. Goodness sake been here 25 years. We have the facilities, the money, could not be in better position to move into the future.
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    Elite Eight Hawkeyes-Cardinals Game Thread

    Absolutely incredible!i can’t believe there aren’t postings on this amazing feat! Beyond awesome for an Iowa fan. Clark has done things NO woman basketball player has EVER done!
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    Told ya So

    Please let it be so. This might be fran's best coaching job too, however, I think most people are ready for a change. Ready for DeVries!
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    How many of you are having a hard time getting behind this year's Hawks?

    Is anyone surprised after watching Fran coached teams at Iowa? Would have been more surprised if they won. Sad truth
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    What are the chances Kirk Ferentz retires at the end of the year?

    Only hope is the lawsuit unfortunately
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    Slate article on situation

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    A Question…

    Could not agree more. We'll see after the trial next year
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    Retire Kirk

    Should have a few years ago. Refuses to do anything different offensively and is now a national laughingstock because of it. Football program has money coming out of their ears. Time for a change if he doesn't retire after this year