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    Cell Service In Kinnick

    I'm at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and the service is better than in my house.
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    A Question…

    Disappointing beyond belief.
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    Spencer Is Officially Toast

    Why would any QB recruit go to a school whose QB coach was an offensive lineman????? I played QB back in the day and no way I'd feel I had any credibility as an OLine coach; completely idiotic. One thing teaching X's and O's; completely another to have been under the gun playing the position...
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    Brad Banks Honorary Captain for Michigan Game

    Can we suit him up?
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Michigan Football

    Michigan 20-16. We get a chance to pull off the upset but turn it over with less than 2 minutes to go.
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    Photo Gallery: Recruits at Iowa-Nevada Game

    Yikes! Weisskopf looks like he could fill in for Thor in the next Marvel movie.
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    I think Brecht will be good... and other random thoughts

    My concerns exactly. A fast athlete with the measurables, but a receiver needs to receive the ball. Learn to go get it and hold on to it!
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    Ben Kueter

    Haven't seen that yet, but replay available on CISN YouTube site. Did see him in one game last year and remember him being active after the whistle a few times. Need to pursue further.
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    Poll: Who Regrets Buying Season Tickets?

    I think the fallout began the week before.
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    LOL: Bob Stoops Cameo to "Brian"

    Bob and Fran care more about Iowa football than Barta.
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    Shuffle the Staff

    Yeah, Woods would be a great successor to Kirk. Not many would understand the Hawkeye legacy, Lavar's lived it.
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    Shuffle the Staff

    Off with his head!
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    New QB commit

    Maybe Kirk told him this is Brian's last year, and that's why he committed.
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    HN SDSU Postgame Content Links

    You could write their (anyone in the Iowa football program) quotes before they're even spoken. When's the last time someone said anything unexpected?
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    My short take (back home from Kinnick)

    Nepotism at its finest; no one with an ounce of objectivity would say Brian's offense is remotely close to being competitive.
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    Post Mortem: 7-3

    How many offensive linemen go on to be good offensive coordinators? The list has to be short.
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    Watching Jones and Tracy carve up PSU

    Tracy didn't see the field when it mattered because of the drops. Same doghouse, different school.
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    This post got me thinking....what if Nebraska has a 9-3 season at some point, maybe even a few in a row. Do you think the Husker fans will morph back to thinking it's a bad season if they're not in the College Football Playoffs?
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    Charlie Jones on Why He Left for Purdue

    An air raid siren on Brian's bed stand couldn't wake him up.
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    Concerns coming into the yr

    Gavin Williams isn't elusive, but does have sprinters speed. If he hits a seam he can pull off some long runs.