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    Some thoughts on Yesterday

    Funny thing is, any other offensive. Coordinator would have been fired by now.. Defense will be on the field way too much next week.. camp randall is a tough place to play
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    As Yogi said Deja Vu all over again

    Every one just amit it.. BF is just a bad play caller.. and really doesn't know what the hell to do.. wow
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    My 2 cents

    Great rant.. I have a couple questions One why does everyone think that Chris Murray should go to the NBA. Money and he'll go. But through the season I didn't really see him totally take over games against good teams mediocre team Yes But I think he should stay another year help the team...
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    Petras is coming back next year

    Not a win.. nice guy, but bad luck... Plus, it shows me how much BF really knows about QB s .. I'd keep SP and BF away from Cade.. To many chief s not enough Indians..
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    McNamara Is Gonna Be A Hawk

    Yea, but he'll find that he's the 3rd or 4th option in KF offense...
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    McNamara Is Gonna Be A Hawk

    Yes, but in KF offense still a 3 rd option.. really why would a QB want to come to IA.
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    Did The OLine Improve?

    No. It's a super bad Northwestern team.. plus, wasn't Padilla on the starting depth chart on Tuesday. I feel sorry for him.. he should put his jersey on the bench and enter the portal.. pitiful coaching staff..
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Northwestern Football

    Northwestern always plays us tough and ugly, and alot of times wins.. I predict Northwestern 24-12.. Iowa will only muster field goals.. lol
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    The Only Way This Mess Can End Well.

    I agree.. any OC hired is just going to run what KF wants.. Fire KF, but GB doesn't have the balls + I don't know he has 5 names in his desk that he could call, or would they would even pic up?
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    Garbage time, no back ups

    Any team that plays iowa should blitz 90% of the time.. also any team this year only has to score 17 points against iowa.. Iowa can only muster 13/14 points a game..
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    BF, KF, and Petrus r going to look like a genius s against Rutgers, they're the Nevada of the Big 10..
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    Petras(while still has work to do) looked like a different QB tonight.

    Don't drink the cool aid on this team because Nevada stinks.. it all about conference wins... BF and KF r the ones makings decisions.. Petrus is just doing what he's told.. He just doesn't have it.. The other QB s should hit the transfer portal.. writing on the wall guys..
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    Leistikow confirms Petras will start...

    If Padilla or Labas any one of them do not see the field next game , enter the transfer portal the next day
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    New QB commit

    Why would anyone want to be QB at Iowa. Ur going to hold a clip board and wear a red hat for 3 out of ur 4 years under KF&BF.. Good luck
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    Iowa Basketball Hires Matt Gatens

    I think it a great hire, maybe he can get fran on board with the transfer portal..
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    Tyrese Hunter In The Portal

    No way, he's to excited about Conner coming back... Can't wait to see him score once ever eight games
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    Ash is going to the portal as a Graduate Transfer

    Ur kidding right... he's going to the transfer Maybe Simpson or Central could use NOT
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    2022/2023 Lineup

    I agree.. the starters r alright, but the bench is thin and a little bit of a joke
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    A few Classless Fans need to get a grip

    The way I look at It is We need to get rid of the quarterback coach o 'Keefe, and BF.. Petras and Pedia r only trying to do what their coaches r telling them to do.. Yes their skill set is not great But you gotta look at who their coaches are