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    Who's the starting five next year?

    D!ck head, What do you know?? I talk to people involved in the program and are around practice. Wait til you see Uthoff next year before you open your mouth. I love Whites game but Uthoff is a more athletic better shooting version of White. and that says alot.
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    Who's the starting five next year?

    Anyone thinking Jok and Uthoff will not be playing many minutes by Big Ten conference is crazy. It's been noted that Uthoff schools White big time in practice. Also Jok has great size for his height and is a phenomenal shooter. These guys are an upgrade on talent for the wing.
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    Jarrod Uthoff

    He's like White with better shooting skills, athleticism and better handles. I really like White but Jarrod is an upgraded version of Erin.
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    2014 PG recruit Tyler Ulis visiting this weekend

    No clue why you want to say he won't be a superb Big Ten athlete. He will be the most athletic player on the team!! He is absolutely top division one talent and it isn't even close. His all around game and athleticism is better then anyone on the team now. Fran will turn this guy into an animal...
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    peter jok to date stats

    Actually Tom Davis took us to the sweet 16 his last year with a bunch of little white guys from Iowa. So I guess you are wrong.
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    Printy takes down Wisconsin

    I watch all of the games too If I can and go to a few. Cheap tickets and always good seats. Their team fights like hell, usually figure out a way to win and really quite talented for girls basketball. Printy has more then once taken the team on her back and won games for the Hawks. Every team...
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    "Another Year With GD's Playbook = Improvement?"

    This is just stupid, stick around and wait and see what happens.
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    Uthoff and Jok what kind of players are they... strengths?

    If anyone has seen either Jok or Uthoff play you would know what kind of talent they are. Uthoff is a more athletic, better shooting more talented version of White. You would be nuts to deny it. I love A W but he doesn't have as good a skill set. Anyone who doesn't think these two will play a...
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    Greg Davis will be back in 2013

    Realistically it appeared more to me that Vandenberg continuously missed the open man and would only throw to the under pass. How many times did you see watching the game where receivers were streaking down the field wide open and never got a pass thrown to them. QB looked lost all to often.
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    Iowa Women in WNIT Championship Game at Carver Hawkeye Arena

    Wow the gametracker said they lost, I was bummed. Cannot believe I saw they won!! I will be there, should be a great atmosphere!!!
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    Peter Jok New Video

    This guy is the most talented player I ever remember coming to Iowa. If he is healthy, wow look out. Yes he can drive, dish and shoot the 3. I imagine he would be a great defender even if no video shows it. With Jok and Uthoff next year we should be better then any team since Tom Davis.
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    I'm Pumped about Iowa BB

    I disagree with all of this. Quality of players means alot and we are deeper and more of them. This will be a good year.
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    Hawkeyes Sign JuCo Point Guard

    Apparently Iowa was recruiting her out of high school but was guard heavy at the time. Has some great stats, juco all american. Sounds like a good get for the team.
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    Reminder: Set your DVR for 8:00 pm on ESPNU to see Gessell and Woodbury

    Personally I think Gessell is the best pg we've had since BJ. He is a much better shooter the Dean O or Horner. Horner took a zillion shots to get his numbers. Mike G's passing , handles, court sense was amazing last night. He got out of every trap they put on him. He seems to have great...
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    Does Lickliter replace Coles at Miami, OH?

    This is funny!!! I bet he plays.
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    Iowa Women Tie for 2nd Place

    Iowa women got hosed last year in the NCAA tourney. Gonzaga had a great record and should of been a 3 seed. It was more about filling seats then fairness. Iowa played them much tougher then the rest of the competition did in the tournament. Iowa was a 3 seed and got screwed on that draw. They...
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    Devyn Marble is darn good

    Thing is he is a year younger coming in and still needs to mature. He is going to be nuts by the time he is a senior.
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    Lickliter finds a home with RedHawks

    He was so over his head here. He had no idea how to turn the program around and showed that. It's real easy to move somewhere else and claim it was going to work and was ready to turn around. There is only one measuring stick...wins and loses. He was an incredible mistake, thank god I am not...
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    Any chance we start 3 freshman next year?

    I think what you are going to see is Fran rotating alot of guys in and running all of the time. There will be plenty of time for everyone to play while the other players are catching their breath on the bench.