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    He is not a HOF coach until he achieves a .600+ win %
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    Kirk's last season?

    He needs one more win in the final 2 games to retire. He won’t retire on his own without a .600+ winning percentage. I don’t see the win happening in the B1G championship so it’s going to come down to whatever matchup we have in the bowl game.
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    **Thanksgiving hangover game thread**

    Win the coin flip and put a travesty of an offense on the field. Why?
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    With 3 games left - lets speculate

    Let’s try and at least be honest with ourselves following a fantastic win this weekend The game was 3-0 at half and only 6-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Iowa came out and ran the ball 6 times and actually made a 4th down conversion. That’s when BF inexplicably calls back to back to back...
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    Iowa still unranked

    The 3 teams with 3-losses shouldn't be in the top 25 imo but with that said, neither should Iowa.
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    Eric Bieniemy

    My point exactly! He has been on the short list of every NFL HC shortlist for the past 5 years. He has proven himself as an offensive play caller and yet hasn't been given the opportunity to become a HC. This path provides an opportunity for NFL teams to either shit or get off the pot. If...
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    Eric Bieniemy

    Go get him. It’s not a long shot. Guy is never going to get a shot at HC in the NFL. I’m sure there’s a way to make him HC in waiting. He makes $2.5 to $3m a year. Make him the highest paid college OC / head coach in waiting.
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    KF done after this yr?

    Kirk has $42m reasons to say what he did. His buyout is insane and due to his new contract he will be here for the next 6 years. There isn’t a donor out there that is going to pony up $42m to pay the buyout and he knows it. This is all about posturing and getting his golden parachute...
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    Beth Goetz Comments

    Kirk Ferentz buyout is roughly $40,000,0000. If you don’t want to buy it out then you start playing big boy poker.
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    Kirk’s first statement

    Q: When were you notified by Beth Goetz? A: "I had access to the announcement that you read, we all read. Over the weekend, yeah that was the timeline." This is going to get nasty.
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    Scalions bought tickets to every B1G team except….Iowa

    “We have known their play calls for the past 20 years” says Scalions. He goes on to say, “we know that when Brian scratches his nuts, it’s run up the middle, when he wiggles his ears, it’s a bubble screen, and when he looks away from his dad and talks into the headphone it’s going to be an 8...
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    How do the next 4 games go?

    1. We will be favored in all games 2. The under will be 32 or less in all games but the over will hit in 3 out of 4 3. Win vs NW 4. Loss vs Rutgers 5. Win vs Illinois 6. Loss @ Nebraska Wrap up the regular season at 8-4, which looks good on paper but when the fan base finally realizes that any...
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    The Conundrum that is Iowa Football

    The conundrum is simple. If we had an offense that could be even semi-productive, this team would compete not only for conference but national championships every year. The Iowa D has been on the field for 532 plays which is an INSANE stat. Yards per play is 4.28 which again, is an INSANE...
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    Malik Zaire is an awful announcer

    “Running it effectively instead of running it to run it.” Followed by, “being able to run when you need to instead of running when you want to.”
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    Malik Zaire is an awful announcer

    “He was doing an aircraft carrier and didn’t throw it on a jet line like he was supposed to.” Wtf does that even mean?
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    Malik Zaire is an awful announcer

    Seriously. Brutal listening to his word salad trying to announce a football game. Not as bad as listening to a game announced by Beth Mowins but it’s pretty damn close.
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    This quote says everything you need to know

    “I’m just a quarterback, I’m not calling the plays or doing any of that,” said McNamara. “That’s not my decision, I’m just gonna run the play as fit and I’m gonna throw it to the open guy.”
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    What’s the plan for next year…let’s make a few assumptions

    Just assume that anyone with the last name of Ferentz is no longer with the program Kirk is paid $7m per year plus I’m sure a few other incentives. He’s top 15 in the country in terms of coaching salaries. Iowa has the dollars to pay for most, if not all, coaching candidates that would be...
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    The three greatest lies

    Dude It’s 1. I’ll save the last piece of pizza for you 2. Checks in the mail 3. BF is a football coach
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    I’m not very good at math

    How does zero factor into the total points needed for BF to keep his job?