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    Jordan Oladokun decommits from Iowa This is the interview I heard with Felicia Goodson
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    Jordan Oladokun decommits from Iowa

    You might want to read Ed Miles's Facebook post from yesterday. Or listen to an interview Mrs. Goodson last Summer. It gives a little more honest perspective...
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    Probably post on any Clown site: "Louisiana would beat Iowa"
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    Iowa Football Parents Asking for Transparency from Big Ten

    Some of his posturing, and his responses, certainly made it appear as if he had a say in the matter. He stated that HE was on in communication with other conferences, and that HE was in on the discussions. Then again, he can't very well voice displeasure with the decision if he wants to keep his...
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    Desmond Howard on Nebraska....'work on a way to get their ass out of the BIG

    I run into him about once every year or two around Orlando. During the day, off the sauce (and/or whatever else he ingests) he's a helluva nice guy. Thank God I've never been around him when he's hitting the tap. By all accounts, it is NOT pretty.
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    Desmond Howard on Nebraska....'work on a way to get their ass out of the BIG

    Dude, FALL sports are cancelled. Basketball starts in November. That's FALL. Mark this down: we will not see ANY B1G sports this academic year. With one caveat: If Biden/Harris win in November, you will see a widespread re-opening of such breakneck speed, you'll think you're at Lake of the...
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    Iowa Football Parents Asking for Transparency from Big Ten

    First, that has wavered from 3 to 10, and anywhere in between, Basically, three things happened: 1) Rutgers had 28 positives, quickly followed by news that players had shown up at an on-campus party. (In other words, "If players won't even 'try', why should the risk be taken?") 2) Facebook...
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    Iowa Football Investigation Discussion

    Our gracious host is as biased as it gets, lately. Listen to/read Felicia Goodson. Her comments are out there in public. But our gracious host titled one article saying "serious racial bias in Iowa Football". You'd be hard-pressed to find a rational parent or player that would agree with that...
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    Iowa Football Investigation Discussion

    I heard a guy on a sort of obscure podcast interview Tyler Goodson's Mom, Felicia. Contrary to what many may have thought, they really had no idea any of it was going on, and when they asked Tyler, he was perplexed, as well. I think she said something like, "Kirk Ferentz doesn't have a racist...
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    4-Star RB Ricky Parks Announcing Today

    <<Or the racial thing may have been used against us>> By Utah?!
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    Families of Former Black Iowa Football Players Organizing for Answers

    News stories--such as the one where Mrs. Wadley told her son he was going to stay & stick it out--might just play a role. That won't fit your narrative, though...
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    Ka-Ching ...!!!

    That's not where the problem will be, or from where the complaints will come. Title IX--the pro-Title IX brigade will have a field day with this. Which means, in essence, a court will "demand" it be "equal in opportunity".
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    At home, or at the sports bar? At the bar, I save my...ahem..."kneeling" for later...after about 12 to 15 beers. Last game (@NW last Fall) I waited as late as possible to get to seat because of wind/rain. As a transplant to Florida, I don't get to Iowa City much, if at all.
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    Yep. Literally, a heartbeat. My wife and I have gotten stand-up paddleboards in the last year. There are certain lakes and places we simply will not go because of the carelessness we have seen. "Chain of lakes" type areas, with canals/channels connecting them, are practically tailor-made for...
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    Ka-Ching ...!!!

    Title IX, sport, Title IX.
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    Ka-Ching ...!!!

    NCAA has all but approved it. I still say it's loaded with inequities and will not level the playing field. Sure, a starting QB in Tuscaloosa or Norman gets ahead. The catcher on the women's softball team? Not so much. I guess it's a start, though.
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    Ringside Seats

    Dude, Gary has an even longer history than Camden, in terms of "frightful"
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    Will the current situation bring the team together and make for a special season?

    <<If you are sincere, my guess is God's ok with it>> Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Robert Mugabe and the gang in Rwanda all agree with you. "Sincerity" is the key.
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    How does this end?

    Doyle's lawsuit is where it will really blow up. And it will likely be the first step to dismantling the football program.