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  1. spliff45

    ESPN Layoffs

    ESPN is having conversations with the NFL and other leagues to take equity positions in the network.
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    Paul Finnebaum, not a Clown fan

    Well shit, I guess he can be right about something.
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    Barta out?

    It’s true. August 1, 2023 is his official retirement date
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    Barta out?

    Yes…he’s retiring Pete Thamel @PeteThamel · Follow Sources: Iowa athletic director Gary Barta is expected to announce his retirement.
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    Iowa withheld some athletes from competition

    26 total current student athletes, including in men’s basketball, wrestling, baseball, and T&F
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    Iowa withheld some athletes from competition

    The Iowa Gaming Commission has launched an investigation into Iowa Baseball
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    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    The portal additions are an A+
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    Keegan starting for the Kings vs the Warriors: Game One

    This was always going to be a bad matchup for Murray. He doesn’t have the quickness to defend the Warriors on the perimeter. He was always going to have a short leash in this series…you can’t have a struggling rookie playing significant minutes in the playoffs against the defending champs
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    B1G has a new commissioner

    Tony Petitti. A media exec that has time with MLB, CBS. He has been in charge of everything involving CBS’ NFL broadcasts
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    Official South Carolina vs Iowa Final 4 Game thread!

    Hoping for the best. Just hoping Iowa is in it in the 4th
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    Elite Eight Hawkeyes-Cardinals Game Thread

    That was fucking amazing! What a performance!
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    Leaving football and focusing on baseball. Smart choice
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    Are the Brands becoming Fran and Kirk?

    Anthony Ferrari has committed and it sounds like AJ may be coming too. So Brands is definitely not like Kirk and Fran…they wouldn’t take someone facing a felony sexual battery charge.
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    Official other NCAA Tourney Games Thread (1st Round)

    The state of Iowa men’s teams went a combined 16-72 or 22.2% from 3 in their games. Holy shit that is fucking awful :oops:
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    Perspective for a moment - two fold.

    Fran has the most NCAA appearances without a Sweet 16….. Fran Dunphy #1 at 17 and Fran McCaffery #2 at 12
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    Assad loses to Coleman from ISU….
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    Told ya So

    Quoted for truth
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    Told ya So

    Fran’s teams…not good enough to be great, not mediocre enough to be bad