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  1. Stanzi

    Will Proctor And Nwankpa Be Here Next Year?

    Charlie's NFL prospects were massively hampered by Iowa's offense. Proctor and Nwampka's won't be.
  2. Stanzi

    Illinois next

    Does Spencer throw more than 1 TD in a game for the first time since 10/9/2021?
  3. Stanzi

    2022 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 2: UCF
  4. Stanzi

    Charlie Jones on Why He Left for Purdue

    Jones is Purdue's #1 and Purdue has a QB so it's no surprise he's putting up stats. O'Connell also pretty much only throws to Jones which helps. We didn't utilize him well enough but Jones' production tonight is not entirely an indictment of Iowa's offense.
  5. Stanzi

    2022 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 1: Penn State
  6. Stanzi

    Fun while it lasted

    Perhaps we will win the West next year. Was really hoping it would have been this year.
  7. Stanzi

    Are we good emough

    If we can beat Maryland on the road I will have a lot more confidence. They have a good QB and some good WR. Better than any of the teams we've played so far. It would be nice though to see our offense have a breakout game.
  8. Stanzi

    Concerns moving forward

    What about Doak Walker award winning Shonn Greene?
  9. Stanzi

    Great win, but plenty to work on

    The Indiana and ISU games have been unique in that Iowa got out to big leads and shut things down on offense. Iowa moved the ball against ISU in the second quarter and got 2 TD's. Thanks to ISU's turnovers in the second half Iowa got up to a commanding lead and did what Iowa usually does in that...
  10. Stanzi

    2021 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 1: Florida
  11. Stanzi

    Jaziun Patterson Holds Hawkeyes in High Regard

    I believe he is announcing on 8/17.
  12. Stanzi

    Recruiting stuck in Neutral?

    Keller to ISU. Riley-Ducker is committing to Auburn on Thursday. Carter to MSU. Stokes not 100% sure other than I know it's not Iowa.
  13. Stanzi

    Recruiting stuck in Neutral?

    I'm at least getting to a level of moderately concerned. We are losing battles left and right to lesser schools. Maybe it seems worse because they're all coming in short succession. Keller, Riley-Ducker, Stokes, Carter, and if you believe rumors, Deyo. All of these kids from our "big recruiting...
  14. Stanzi

    OT: Josh Christensen at KCRG let go

    Totally unrelated but the presidents comment reminded me of a series of pictures I saw the other day with Queen Elizabeth and every US President since Lincoln.
  15. Stanzi

    Iowa Athletics Allowing Alcohol Sales at Kinnick, Carver

    Just wait until the blue hairs courtside get some cap'n in em' Carver will be rocking!
  16. Stanzi

    Brody and baseball

    If he can somehow work his way into the top 3 rounds the signing bonus alone would be worth foregoing football.
  17. Stanzi

    How Hawkeyes Stack Up Against B1G with Dead Period Over

    I'm really having commit withdrawal.
  18. Stanzi

    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Not saying I don't believe a Cyclone fan's secondhand account of the situation buuutttt...
  19. Stanzi

    Xavier Nwankpa Reflects on Recent Iowa Visit

    I'm not going to lose any sleep over losing guys to Michigan (Darboh, Martin) or Alabama (Pierschbacher). Lazard was an ISU legacy recruit and was never going anywhere else. I care WAY more about what the player does once they're on campus.
  20. Stanzi

    Xavier Nwankpa Reflects on Recent Iowa Visit

    But why when he can just keep moving the goalposts?