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    The CFB playoff committee having Georgia as 1 at least tells me they are not completely biased towards the Bama. I'll give Bama credit, they have blown teams out and are probably passing the eye test with the committee. If Auburn could trip them up and get into the SEC CCG, I agree that Bama...
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    Iowa only a 17 pt dog against Buckeyes?

    I think Iowa will cover. Defense is too good, and OSU is just coming off an extraordinary win in a game with huge implications. Iowa will be extra dialed in from watching the film, and OSU will be patting themselves on the back.
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    Poll: Iowa State's future?

    The proper term is... "once in a lifetime"
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    I was at the Norfolk State/Mizzou game. That was probably one of the most hostile crowds a team could have faced in an opening round game. Especially considering the circumstances. They were the favored high seed and the travel distance to Omaha wasn't much more than probably a 5 or 6 hour...
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    ISU/Iowa thoughts

    I was clearly addressing the point you made about "Big 10 title contending" Iowa teams losing to ISU, which wasn't accurate. So now it's about citing Vegas point spreads as the best indicator or how a team will or can perform? Look at KF's record in games the last 10 years where Iowa is a...
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    ISU/Iowa thoughts

    What??? When Iowa has a great team they beat ISU in either place. KF has had 5 legit Big 10 title/BCS caliber type teams. 02, 03, 04, 09, 10. The 03 and 09 teams whooped ISU in Ames in blowouts. 2010 was a blow out in Iowa City. 2004 was like a 7 point Iowa win at home. 2002...nobody...
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    ISU/Iowa thoughts

    I think Iowa's offense looked better than expected. I think ISU's defense looked better than expected. I don't know what any of that means though. ISU's offensive struggles are nothing new. There's talent at WR, but sketchy QB play. Iowa showed up well on the DL, and the corners, which...
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    Hayden Fry in Close Games

    Fry was obviously more of a full throttle coach. Explains a lot of the blowouts wins, and also the blowout losses. When you go full throttle, things can avalanche quickly for the good or bad.
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    The Big 10 delivers with the hail mary's. This game, the previously mentioned NE/NW game.....and wasn't it Sparty that beat Bucky on a hail mary as well about 3 years back?
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    Grass is not always greener column....

    Kirk is something like 26-25 the last 4yrs. Not against a juggernaut schedule either. From 2005 (10 yrs), Iowa is basically a 7-5 program with 2 outlier seasons(09/12). Kirk often makes lists of most over-paid/under-performing coaches. On the surface that's what the national media sees, but...
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    Future Attendence

    This horrible schedule is a product of college football conference realignment. Just a watered down version of what you once knew. The other issue i see is that unless/until KF finds another Ricky Stanzi, Iowa will flounder and even then Stanzi played his senior season like he had been neutered.
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    Kyle Meyer what?

    This thread took a turn for the awesome here.....
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    Inherient FLAW with any playoff system

    Agreed. Its 3 weekends of absolutely captivating sports drama. With that said, I wouldn't be against the tourney re-seeding after each weekend. I don't think you could re-seed each round as it would require the whole region to be playing in the same location that weekend. That would probably...
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    Inherient FLAW with any playoff system

    Based on the sheer amount of parity in college basketball this year, I'm not surprised its a 7 vs an 8. I figure either this sort of championship game would occur, or we would sit through in an incredibly boring chalk like tourney. This year we got more overtime games than ever, and Kentucky...
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    We do have ONE thing on ISU.....

    Apparently Hilton Magic is a misogynist... Who knew?
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    Probability of Making Tourney

    Agreed. What Iowa has in their favor is the fact that they have been ranked most all season. I agree that if they had a bad start to the season then turned it on late they would be fighting for committee recognition.
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    So are we potentially a 6 seed in the B1G tourny now???

    I think it depends on whether or not OSU beats MSU or not. Iowa is locked into playing on Wednesday though.
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    Apparently Baylor and ISU think the 3 point shot is just about the only shot to take

    Re: Apparently Baylor and ISU think the 3 point shot is just about the only shot to t Cyclones have beaten Baylor 4 consecutive times. Hitting the 3 ball at a 40% clip against Baylor seems to do the trick.
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    Fran deserves some heat from this game

    Hawks tried to make it into a game that came down to the wire numerous times, but Nebraksa was unable to take advantage of those opportunities.
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    ISU Fans

    I think rushing the court is the prerogative of 18-21 year old students, and nothing more.