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  1. guffus

    Narrow path to playoff

    The CFP has never selected a 2-loss team. It always picks a 1-loss non-champion over a 2-loss champion. Iowa, okst and Lou have no chance because they already have 2 losses. In the scenerio listed, Ore, Tex, Bama all pick up their 2nd loss and are non-champions. That leaves 13-0 Champion...
  2. guffus

    Preview, Prediction: B1G Championship Game

    Low scoring first half 10-3 Michigan. Michigan pulls away in 2nd half. Mich 23, Iowa 3.
  3. guffus

    B1G D/ST Awards - DeJean, Taylor Win Big

    I am a little surprised that Stevens made 3rd team after the way he finished his season.
  4. guffus

    Portal needs

    I thought it was interesting that Spencer Petras announced he was entering the portal. Everybody just assumed his career was over. I guess since Petras never was officially on the roster his 6th (Covid) year, then that makes him elligible for a 7th year? Not sure how that works. I am...
  5. guffus

    10 wins

    I would rank the wins in this order 1. Beating Rutgers (6-6) 22-0 2. @wisc (7-5) 3. NW (7-5) @ Wrigley 4. @iowa St (7-5) 5. @Neb (5-7) 6. ILL (5-7) 7. Mich St (4-8) 8. Pur (4-8) You could argue beating Wisc, NW, ISU on the road was more impressive than beating Rutgers at home. I just...
  6. guffus

    Our defense gave up THREE touchdowns in the past SIX games.

    FWIW Bama did play Texas and Georgia played GT this year. Of course, the SEC only plays 8 conference games, so you could argue that those games are the equivilant of a 9th conference game. In fact, Bama and Texas will be a conference game the next time they play. Georgia did not do it...
  7. guffus

    OFFICIAL: Iowa Names Greg Davis as OC

    Not much has changed. Kirk usually waits until February to make coaching changes or hires. I assume Brian will stick around for the Bowl Game. After that, the position will sit empty until Feb.
  8. guffus

    Who's Iowa's 2nd Kicker Now?

    Yes I would hate for Stevens to turn into the next Trent Mossbrucker, a former Iowa kicker who had a great freshman season in 2008 but got pulled for the game winning kick against PSU for Daniel Murray and was never the same again. Mossbrucker got a 2nd chance to become the FG kicker in 2010...
  9. guffus

    Over/Under - Iowa Total Offense in 2023?

    Yup. You nailed it!
  10. guffus


    Well whatever the problem I hope Stevens gets it fixed. I would hate for him to turn into another trent Mossbrucker. (I think that was his name, you know, the guy that got the yips and got pulled for Daniel Murray for the game winning kick against PSU in 2008 and never kicked again.) Edit...
  11. guffus

    Using Johnson on jet sweeps

    Maybe using Kaleb Brown would work because it wouldnt be a give away that the jet sweep is coming.
  12. guffus

    Is it true the Illinois didn't participate in the wave?

    I will delete it
  13. guffus

    Thank you to Brian Ferentz

    Yes, knowing from the start he is just fishing for a reaction, makes the whole thing halarious.
  14. guffus

    Thank you to Brian Ferentz

    Okeefe's comments about the bar exam reminds me of that old joke Q: what do you call the guy who graduates lowest in his medical school class A: Doctor
  15. guffus

    Is it true the Illinois didn't participate in the wave?

    Meh, nobody has to participate. It's an individual choice.
  16. guffus

    Bret Isn’t Going To Make 60

    Hey! I am 57 years old with 2 young kids. Now I am wondering if I should retire from my full time job and focus on my health
  17. guffus

    Championship Game

    Interesting thought but unfortunately it does not work that way. The Big Ten and NCAA only can take away championships. They can not give those championships or even the wins to anybody else retroactively.
  18. guffus

    Rival bowl eligibility

    The Wisc-Neb winner is guarunteed a bowl. The Wisc-Minn winner too. So if the goal is keep as many teams from as possible, then Wisc should beat both Neb and Minn.
  19. guffus

    UI Release: Cooper DeJean To Miss Rest of '23

    So do you think this will increase or decrease the chances of DeJean leaving early for the NFL?
  20. guffus

    riddle me this

    John Paddock for Big Ten West MVP!