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  1. 311hawk

    Iowa Football is worth $439.57 million are telling me I can buy the Iowa Hawkeyes when I win the lotto Wednesday night?
  2. 311hawk

    Nate Stanley moved to a 4 star on scout

    Don't underestimate the value of Boyles legs though. We can see what a difference a team makes when you have a QB that can pick up occasional first downs scrambling. While Boyle might not be the best throwing QB of the bunch, he is far and away the best runner and athlete which is something...
  3. 311hawk

    How much did you pay on street for ticket in Indy?

    $60 from an OSU fan. Section 625. Not great seats but didn't matter
  4. 311hawk

    How an 8 Team Playoff Should Work.

    Needs to be 16 like every other division. Better seed gets to play at home, full stadiums, southern teams having to come up north. Championship game off-site. Can still have the bowls with the other teams that don't get in. ' TV Ratings would explode beyond anything you can imagine.
  5. 311hawk

    Tailgating in Indy

    We will have one by the stadium you can come to if like drinking! Call 319-321-8452
  6. 311hawk

    Matt Nelson

    Yeah he has played more and more as the year has gone on. Needs to add a little more bulk and a smidge more quickness but for a young guy he will be a player. He has the frame and length that you like to see at the spot because he could cause some real problems.
  7. 311hawk

    Anyone buying tickets to Indy yet?

    No tix yet. Will be going with 4 or 5. Lets make it loud
  8. 311hawk

    Hawkeye Fan - Lincoln INVASION

    Ill be there with 4
  9. 311hawk

    Short of the Playoffs

    First hope is a Playoff birth. If that doesn't happen then Rose bowl would be my next hope.
  10. 311hawk

    Talk to your kids about undefeated Iowa

    Think it is a troll attempt by some Iowans actually
  11. 311hawk

    When Iowa plays Northwestern, who will be the

    Odds are that Iowa wins and MIch wins this weekend. If that is the case we are probably ranked right next to each other more or less.
  12. 311hawk

    OT: Cubs lead 4-0 in 5th inning

    It was a great watch regardless of the level you like baseball. My wife doesn't care for sports and she watched last night. Can only imagine how much more intense the Cubs Cards series will be.
  13. 311hawk

    Recounting Ferentz's Most Anger-Inducing ISU Losses

    I have been there for a couple losses and a couple of wins. They are completely quite when Iowa wins in Ames. Conversely, you would think they won the super bowl when they beat us. Never seen a fan base so thin skinned and obsessed with beating a single team.
  14. 311hawk

    Patrick McCaffrey

    Kid is going to be pretty good.
  15. 311hawk

    Trying to find tickets in Lincoln

    Was wondering the same thing. Probably just try and get a ticket close to game time...or watch at a bar down there.
  16. 311hawk

    Peter Jok

    He needs more minutes; need him to shoot anytime he is open. His defense is much improved and provides some nice length and rebounding that JO doesn't.
  17. 311hawk

    Iowa's bucking a trend this year

    They just need to NOT turn the ball over and make the occasional 3 point shot. That is all I ask.
  18. 311hawk

    Herky...the old and the new

    This is the correct answer. It is fine to me other than the shoes and the Double 00. Replace the shoes with...anything and put an capital I on the chest.
  19. 311hawk

    Google Maps - Gameday Edition

    Looks like the MInn game