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  1. sioux34

    Iowa - K-State Game Thread

    Last night was what I expected from the team this year after Bruder failed to bring in any transfer help for Clark. Everyone just looked out of step with each other. It didn't look like the same team that played VA tech.
  2. sioux34

    Hawks v Hawks Game Thread?

    They both took part in warm ups, so not like they are sick or hurt. Dog house for something it would seem.
  3. sioux34

    Hawks v Hawks Game Thread?

    No Mulvey, even in garbage time. I was hoping he would be able to atvleast contribute some fouls during big 10 play. I guess not.
  4. sioux34

    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    I have been lurking from time to time, but not posting much this season.
  5. sioux34

    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    One of my siblings had a long career coaching D1 womens hoops. She would regularly scrimmage her team against intermural mens teams to toughen up the women. These men who could not sniff playing in college destroyed the women's starters every time.
  6. sioux34

    Are there any BBall Rule Changes that You Would Like to See?

    I would like to see things applied consistently. The banging that goes on in the lane compared to the hand check fouls called on the perimeter drive me nuts.
  7. sioux34

    Alfraud and Nevada getting ready to tip in the play-in game

    Oh no, he sucks again
  8. sioux34

    time for change

    Who would you target if Iowa had a coaching vacancy in the next few weeks?
  9. sioux34

    Patrick Stepping Away From Basketball

    They were already very low before this happened. Frankly, I am surprised at that. Given their relative success in a tougher than normal preseason, I was expecting better.
  10. sioux34

    Austin Ash & The Citadel

    Good for Austin. Sounds like he is having fun.
  11. sioux34

    Travis Perry is one of the fastest rising prospects in the country

    Isn't that the future of any recruit that has a good season or two at Iowa?
  12. sioux34

    Josh Ogundele in the transfer portal

    You have a tier that includes restaurants lower than Carlos O'Kellys? You need to up your standards.
  13. sioux34

    Jordan Bohannon in 3-Point Contest in New Orleans

    By respected, he meant feared as a renowned sack tapper.
  14. sioux34

    Jordan Bohannon in 3-Point Contest in New Orleans

    How was Clark not in this for the women?
  15. sioux34

    Joe Toussaint in the Portal

    Sorry to see Joe T go. He provided some speed that Iowa seems to be missing year in and year out. Watching the tourney again this year, that is the one thing that really stands out to me is how much faster at every position the teams that move forward are.
  16. sioux34

    Beth Mowins On The Call For Thursday's Iowa vs Richmond.

    I admit it, I was briefly outraged.
  17. sioux34

    Dolph needs to retire

    I recall during one of my recruiting trips to the field house, sitting in the press row that hung from the upper deck while Zabel chatted with my Dad as part of his post game show.
  18. sioux34

    Chuck Taylors??

    In junior high and high school, I wore the next generation after the classic chucks, the converse all stars, first in canvas and later in leather. In college I still wore converse, but now leather high tops. I had always worn lows up to that point. My first time out on the floor in the high...
  19. sioux34

    Former Hawkeye Don Nelson Recognized Among Best NBA Coaches

    I have a DVD of the highlights of the 60-61 season. Nelson was the only Hawkeye with a game that could have translated to the modern era.