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  1. Zstatman

    Caitlin Clark sweepstakes
  2. Zstatman

    Here's my take going forward

    We are in the driver's seat to win the West. We will be favored in all of the remaining games by 2.5 points or thereabouts. I suspect we lose one more game, but I can't predict to whom. Wisky still has to play Ohio State which should be an L which will keep us with the tiebreaker. I don't...
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    Next few years of conference schedules released

    My initial thought is we'd better up our recruiting.......pronto
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    Tadjo a Hawk

    This seems like a good get, both interesting and intriguing. I would guess he goes on scholarship once one opens up. Interesting that he would go from Montreal to Mexico City? Perhaps he has family from south of our border and speaks Spanish? With a last name of Tadijo that might be the case...
  5. Zstatman

    Penn State prediction and meltdown

    I'm not worried about the D, one Phil Parker trait is to keep improving the D as the season goes on. The coaching staff will have plenty to work on this week. Guys are still emerging. Harris looked like he hadn't played in over a year. It almost seemed like Phil Parker flipped a switch at...
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    Am I alone here

    Who knew the contract would become such a lightning rod even just a few weeks ago. I didn't do the math but with 41 points I do know BF is on the plus side after 3 games:)
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    Am I alone here

    I was thinking about it at the time, my thought was take it in..... Deacon Hill was looking good, our young RBs were looking good, hen, the whole O was looking good, my thought was don't take that MO away from them, let them do it.................
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    Caitlin Clark sweepstakes

    There are several rules to meet eligibility requirements for the draft. But the one all Hawk fans want to know is will Caitlin play that extra Covid year in Iowa City? The WNBA rules state that if a player has an extra Covid year of eligibility left but wants to give it up and enter the draft...
  9. Zstatman

    Caitlin Clark sweepstakes

    Found this on the lottery but no date: 1. Lottery odds are weighted by cumulative record over the last two season 2. The 1st overall pick is awarded by a drawing of ping pong balls 3. The 2nd overall pick is awarded by a drawing of ping pong balls 4. The 2nd overall pick is awarded by a drawing...
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    Caitlin Clark sweepstakes

    It turns out the WNBA has a draft lottery for the 4 teams not making the playoffs. I saw a couple articles saying the Indiana Fever has the best odds of winning the lottery. But I didn't see anything saying how the lottery works. I''ll dig a bit deeper later today and see what I come up with.
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    Caitlin Clark sweepstakes

    The final standings for the 2023 WNBA season: It appears the Phoenix Mercury will get the #1 pick in the 2024 draft. The Mercury ended the season on a franchise record 11 game losing streak. Mayhaps a Megan Gustafson - Caitlin Clark reunion the in the desert? #9 LA Sparks 17-23 #10 Indiana...
  12. Zstatman

    Oregon State and Washington State homeless

    It seems OSU and WSU have one option, the Mountain West. Why would the MWC take the Pac 12 name? I wouldn't. But maybe the MWC can be the next Big 12? Maybe they need to look east at schools that can help them grow their brand.
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    Does Cade McNamera start Sat vs USU

    Yes No
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    McNamara Update

    would they put CM #1 on the depth chart even if he's not going to play?
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    McNamara Update

    I'm still glad Deacon Hill has been getting reps as well as Marco Lainez.......
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    18, 20 or 24 teams?

    I like the general feel of what people are saying. I agree Michigan and OSU have to be together. One idea might be to have one rivalry out of division game. ND and USC plus Stanford should play each other. I don't see IA-PSU as being a rivalry game really. We could just play our division games...
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    18, 20 or 24 teams?

    I can see it now, the SEC and B1G champs for the Natty.........
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    Remembering the Pac 12………

    I read an interesting article on one reason the Pac 12 fell apart like it did. ESPN reportedly offered a media deal where each school would get $30M/yr. A few of the presidents felt like they could and should get more, like $50M/yr. They took this back to ESPN. Then ESPN came back with a...
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    McNamara Update

    Looks to me like Deacon Hill will get the start. It's a good thing he's getting all the first team reps right now. He should be ready for Utah St.
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    18, 20 or 24 teams? The author of this article has been lurking in my subconscious for years.........