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  1. CPHAWK82

    Music Thread

    New young band out of Michigan. 3 of them are brothers. Singer is a dead ringer for Robert Plant.....
  2. CPHAWK82

    Uthoff just signed a multi-year deal

    Not too shabby.....
  3. CPHAWK82

    Rudock promoted to 2nd string QB

    How soon some forget rudock resurrected this team coming off a 4 and 8 season. Rudock was also all but shown the door after the bowl game and he never had one disparaging thing to say about kirk or the program. Good hard working kid with talent which is why it was never a easy decision for...
  4. CPHAWK82

    Bohannon crow anyone?

    The hawks are one bad call away from you not even posting here today. Just busy during the winning streak?
  5. CPHAWK82

    Who Transfers or Leaves For Other Reasons?

    Last I checked, this guy cashed his checks in Ann Arbor
  6. CPHAWK82

    Who Transfers or Leaves For Other Reasons?

    Good article here breaking down the situation....
  7. CPHAWK82

    Who Transfers or Leaves For Other Reasons?

    You're not alone here. There's a lot of people saying they feel Williams should transfer. Wasn't the plan coming into the year, but sometimes talented freshman can come in and take your spot. Happens all over the country.
  8. CPHAWK82

    Bohannon crow anyone?

    Biggest problem is knowing their rotations on defense. Way too easy for teams to go inside. They stayed focused against purdue but haven't kept that focus in last 2 games. Frustrating to watch cause you can see how good they can be for spurts.
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    Good Lord Jon.....

    It's a fair question. Davis's system did require a lot of chemistry between the qb and receivers. As we've all learned with KF, the backup doesn't get any snaps with the 1's during the season. I'm sure KF thinks that chemistry is created in the Spring and Fall. As long as Beathard could...
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    Good Lord Jon.....

    I do like what I've seen (granted not much) from Stanley. He passes the eye test measurably and throws a nice ball. Seems to carry himself with a lot of confidence. The big thing will be reading defenses, sensing the rush, etc. I will be curious to see what Weigers does. KF made it sound like...
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    Bohannon crow anyone?

    Man, if Bohannon was able to play off the ball and hit spot up shots, he'd light it up! He's exceeded my expectations at the pg spot as well.
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    Bohannon crow anyone?

    He absolutely would make a great 2 guard, but for who is on the roster right now, he's the best 1 guard on the team imo. 5656 makes it sound like he shouldn't of even been offered a scholly. It'll be interesting to see where Connor fits into this team and if he takes over the pg spot. A blue...
  13. CPHAWK82

    Bohannon crow anyone?

    People can dog on Bohannon all they want. Fact is he's quickly turned into a consistent double digit scorer who is currently leading the B1G conference in assists. He's already made multiple clutch shots that have won games and is ice cold at the free throw line even when the pressure is at...
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    Whoever the OC may be, I just hope he can put together at least a serviceable passing attack. Looking back on the season, Wadley and Daniels had good seasons running into 8-9 man fronts most of the year. Thinking about what Wadley could do with the returning lineman against defenses that have...
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    Greg Davis Retires

  16. CPHAWK82

    Fran & Defense

    Who are the multiple players poking people in the eye during Fran's tenure? I remember Woody doing it a couple times in his 4 years at Iowa. I've seen Iowa play excellent defense in recent years under Fran. If anything, it's been another scorer that his teams have lacked.
  17. CPHAWK82

    Do you start Cook?

    Maybe if Cook had more games under his belt, but he's still young and hasn't even experienced a conference road game. He's going to be amped. Better to have him take it all in from the bench and let him see the game for a while before he comes in. He'll still get more minutes than Wagner...
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    Oliver Martin update

    When you followed him to his car, was he sporting a Hawks Rule Huskers Drool bumper sticker?
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    Purdue -13

    This will be a tall task for a young Hawk team. Guys are going to have to attack the lane and draw fouls to get some of their bigs in foul trouble. Also need to hit the free throws though, something this team has struggled with. It's hard to see Iowa stopping Purdue in the paint. I'm glad...
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    My 2 cents on end of game

    Predictable. As a NW alumni, Wilbon hates the University of Iowa anyways, not to mention Fran. Wilbon hates on most things these days. Just like last year when he said that he knew Woody was poking people on purpose and the he thought he "practiced" it. Not many people watching their show...