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    WHat is Brandon Scherf's number for the Redskins?
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    Pemsl Waiver Approved

    He's going to be a key piece in Replacing some of TC minutes and points. Go Hawks
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    Howe: Top 5 Questions Following Hawkeye Spring Ball

    Well, I guess I have to stand up for the Wide receiver group. Both Brandon Smith and ISM were improving, almost every game, last year. ISM made some great catches, lead the B10 in Kick returns and Brandon also was coming on, big time. Nico R will be just what the Doctor ordered, as a...
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    This is an outrage, talk about the program slipping...

    Definitely agree with guffus; it's the 'dem' phones.. ha :) Go Hawks :D
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    So, what are the chances??

    Well, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I think Tyler Cook is 1 year away from being drafted in the NBA 1st or 2nd round. He needs to come back, work hard and progress at the same rate he did from Frosh to Soph. If he cuts down on turnovers, plays more intense defense, he will get...
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    So, what are the chances??

    Anyone have a prediction on Odds that Tyler Cook and/or Isaiah Moss are Hawkeyes, this fall? Really, I hope they both are, because with a bit more development, in the future, they both could play Professionally, somewhere. My predictions are for Isaiah Moss, 85% chance that he does play for...
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    If you played football in HS, did you suffer a concussion (poll)?

    Played 4 yrs in HS and a little in College, too. Played Outside LB (Defense), end on Offense; Saw stars a few times after bringing down a Running back with a hit. Never came out of any game, for injury. Senior year in HS, I was on Offense, Defense and ALL special teams. Fun times...
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    4-Star MO WR McQuitty Says Iowa Starting to Feel Like Home

    Going undefeated, being ranked in Top 5 will get you some Sexy !
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    Hawkeyes in NFL Camps 2015

    Saw that Quinton Alston cut by surprise there. Anyone have INFO on 1) Andrew Donnal; I can see him sticking somewhere. 2) Ricky Stanzi ???????
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    Breakout star of the year that you didn't see coming . . .

    I'll concur with Melrose, here. Kittle is a heckuva athlete, who is going to make plays for Iowa, this season. Also, I think DMX, Scheel, Jewell and hopefully Bower and Niemann come up BIG.
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    Barring injuries who are your players of the year for offense and defense?

    And I will go with Mark Weismann & Louis Trinca-Passat Next in line, jake R and D Willes/ then, Dez King, Q Alston
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    grass vs field turf

    There's nothing like good, well maintained, natural grass. It would seem like a Big-time, university program, like Iowa could hire well trained, turf guys that could keep it good for 7 games a year, until November, yeah.
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    Brandon Scherff arrested for theft

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    Perimeter Defense is what really Disappointed me v MICH

    Obviously, the plan to have Aaron White guarding NS did not work. Not sure why they wouldn't have gone with Devyn Marble on NS. NS is a guard, so mactch him up with a guard. Iowa should have had someone in his jersey all night and let the other 4 beat you, imho. ??:cool:
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    Zach Johnson is

    Yeah, a 'good ole Iowa kid' who happens to perhaps be the Best Golfer in the world, right now. Just sayin.........Zach, with his BMW championship win, NW Mutual in LA win and the Hawaii event is playing as well as ANY Golfer in the world, today.
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    Zach Johnson is

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    Zach Johnson is

    Zach Johnon is a very good friend and Huge fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes football under Captain Kirk He's been in the Locker room, prior to wins against Wisconsin, a few years back. He's also visited FB practices and spoke to the players. :cool:
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    Are you going to watch the game this saturday

    Despite my obviously robust social calendar on Saturday afternoons, I'm going to watch.
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    USA Today Poll Released

    Agree with the big Zamboni on this one! Hawkeyes have the bullet and are headed Up the Charts