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  1. Robowe

    Music Thread

    Foreigner (Foreigner) 1977
  2. Robowe

    Megan Gustafson on ESPN tonight, Friday

    And she is hurt for the game. :(
  3. Robowe

    Iowa withheld some athletes from competition

    Iowa State also having issues regarding this ... Mike Hlas @Hlas · 28m From Iowa State: “Iowa State University and its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is aware of online sports wagering allegations involving approximately 15 of our active student-athletes from the sports of football...
  4. Robowe

    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    Iowa State leads #7 Baylor 52-40 with 7:23 left.
  5. Robowe

    Chad L. & Rick B.

  6. Robowe

    Very Bad Road shooting does not travel home does it? Official MSU/Izzo @ Iowa Game thread

    Entertaining read a couple of days later. Thanks all! :)
  7. Robowe

    Is there anyway Iowa loses to OSU?

    Article from 538 ... from March 2022 ...
  8. Robowe

    What happened to Minnesota?

    Scott Drew (coach of Baylor) did the same thing. He was a manager at Valpo where his dad Homer was the coach. Worked out a little better for him. :) Drew graduated from Butler University in 1993 with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts. While at Butler...
  9. Robowe

    Weiskamp officially gone

    Aaron White @Aaron_White30 Pretty sweet to be professional teammates with your best friend @agolaseni
  10. Robowe

    Sounds like the NW game off

    Wisc - NW game will not happen on Sat. May happen on Sun or down the road.
  11. Robowe

    WI and IU...trash

    11:34 left in the game. Wisconsin has 25 points (Wahl is out) with 5 points in 8:26 of the 2nd half.
  12. Robowe

    Sandfort Huge Miss.... Now?

    Probably mean Georgetown ... :)
  13. Robowe

    Army Navy Game - anyone been? There's more history in the article, but here's where the next few games will be played. Philadelphia, which will host the contest for the 90th time on Dec. 10 of...
  14. Robowe

    The Music Scrimage Bowl

    Kentucky fans will need 2 TVs. The current 1-9 Louisville team plays at Kentucky at the exact same time as the Music City Bowl game 11:00 AM Central on December 31.
  15. Robowe

    Mens Basketball

    For perspective, the Illinois team that beat Texas on Tuesday (also in MSG) lost to Penn State by 15 today ... at home. :)