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  1. eyekwah

    CBS - Further Disruption Coming - D. Dodd

    Further Disruption Coming Dodd raised these Questions: All of the questions are legitimate, but some of them stem from the media rights bubble bursting. In the article he writes about 40 schools making up the top level. Personally I think it gets down to about 20 schools making up a Tier One...
  2. eyekwah

    Would firing Brian Ferentz solve anything?

    Would firing BF solve anything? The first admonition to conquer an addiction is to admit you have a problem. Both Kirk and Brian refuse to admit that the offensive philosophy is a problem when you don't have the personnel to run it. They're addicted to it. In that sense the decision to keep or...
  3. eyekwah

    Penn State prediction and meltdown

    I only gave Iowa two because I said the defense would likely out score the offense. This PSU game was like a toilet bowl with rust stains. You can't get the rust out no matter how hard you try.
  4. eyekwah

    Let's get it over, Hawks vs Peds official game thread.

    It is so obvious that unless you have a mobile QB that can run you are not going to win against the top 15 teams. PSU ran 96 or 97 offensive plays to Iowa's 32 or 33. PSU QB's ran frequently. They had more yards rushing than the entire Iowa offense. There are no excuses for an offense to be...
  5. eyekwah

    I’m not very good at math

    21.25 points per game after the shut out.
  6. eyekwah

    Penn State prediction and meltdown

    I'm not optimistic about the PSU game. The major problem Iowa has is the leg injury McNamara suffered. It essentially eliminates the QB from running for yardage. It's a huge advantage for PSU to know that he is unlikely to run. Iowa can expect 8 men within 5 yards of the scrimmage line...
  7. eyekwah

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly vs Western Michigan

    Good: Obviously winning is always the good. The offense scored almost more points than in the first two games combined. However, it may have been a result of the level of competition. In the limited time Deacon Hill was at QB he seemed a lot more comfortable and had good numbers, 2 of 3...
  8. eyekwah

    Game thread Iowa vrs. Western Michigan

    It's early yet, but very discouraging. Team seems flat and the offense is lost.
  9. eyekwah

    Noah Shannon

    Iowa is bordered by these states: S Dak, Minn, Wisc, Ill, Mo, and Neb. Has the Iowa Gaming Commission ever investigated whether individuals on college sports teams crossed the border to gamble on games? It would be pretty easy to set up an account by physically crossing the border to use an...
  10. eyekwah

    The Good The Bad The Ugly

    Good: Iowa got a Win Bad: Offensively it had better numbers over the 2022 ISU game. Ugly: The offensive stats Iowa ran 51 plays to ISU with 75 plays, 24 more plays by ISU. Iowa was 12 of 22 passing for 123 yards. ISU was 23 of 44 passing for 203 yards. Tight ends caught 6 of the 12 passes...
  11. eyekwah

    Should Beth Goetz Rescind Brian's Contract Stipulations?

    Does 24.5 Points per game get rounded to 25? I don't think it's possible to rescind the agreement from the public's point of view. It was public pressure that forced the pay cut and the 25 point measure. The average of 25 points per game had to be agreed to by the parties involved unless...
  12. eyekwah

    What makes Iowa offense so predictable?

    During the covid season and Tyler Goodsen was the primary RB, Iowa used the wildcat play with him with some success. I don't think it has been seen since that year. With McNamara inability to run, no matter what the down and distance is, the OC might want to dust off the plays from 2020 and give...
  13. eyekwah

    Howe: Potential Shown By Iowa Offense

    Iowa ran 66 plays vs Utah State. 30 passes and 17 completions. Tight ends caught 10, 4 by wide outs, 4 by backs. Iowa ran 36 times for 88 yards, 2.7 yes per carry. By contrast USt, passed 48 times, completing 32. They ran 24 times for 116 yard. A lot of their yards came late in the 4th...
  14. eyekwah

    My Hope For Cade This Saturday.

    The idea that Iowa will build a large lead in the first half is fool hardy, but do wish it were true. I think the offense is behind where it needs to be because McNamara hasn't had the practice reps going into the game. Secondly the new rule where the clock doesn't stop on first downs will...
  15. eyekwah

    Story in Shannon Suspension with KF Quotes

    The NCAA is made up of people. I do not know who those people are, but I do know that I can find out the name of every judge in a real court of law. Given the track record of the NCAA people I think the people that came to this conclusion need to have to explain it in person, and before...
  16. eyekwah

    18, 20 or 24 teams?

    He maybe right when he said: Alberts predicts that at some point in the future, football will be considered independent from all the other collegiate sports. The Nebraska AD describes an eventual league of “35 to 40 top brands” in college football, much like the Champions League in soccer. I...
  17. eyekwah

    The Big Ten is Dead

    I'll disagree that the Big Ten is dead. Instead P5 regional college conferences are dead or on life support. Of the current conferences the SEC remains a regional conference, but the Big XII is now a national conference. The PAC is deceased and remaining members likely merged into the MWC. The...
  18. eyekwah

    Pac-4 is ded

    I won't question the academic advantage, but the fan attendance at Cal and Stanford games is less than man mid major programs. If eyeballs are the goal then they are lacking.
  19. eyekwah

    Pac-4 is ded

    Joel Klatt posted a You Tube Video that really explains how the PAC 12 created it own demise. Its 15 minutes long but definitely accurate on how the Big XII out maneuvered the PAC 12. Personally I'm not excited to see Oregon and Washington become members, nor was I excited to see USC and UCLA...
  20. eyekwah

    Season #134 - 685 W's - 572 L's - 39 T's

    The Iowa Football Program starts it 134th Season if the framed poster of players with leather helmets on my den wall is correct. The program is 15 wins from the 700 mark and I hope to be here during the 2024 season to when that 700th win might come. The period between 1963 and 1979 really...