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    future looks exciting!
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    yep, Wagner: He didn't play HS football until Senior and was 1st team all-state in largest class with multiple D1 offers including...
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    I believe he was a D1 football recruit as WR. I remember a story on Iowa BB player who visited OSU as WR prospect, pretty sure it was Wagner.
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    Armstrong and Fyfe are both injured

    yep official on Fyfe, broken wrist, but could play vs Hawks:
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    Mitchell was hurt early in the year but he got healthy, not sure his status now
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    Hesse's leg injury

    from the KF call-in show with Dolph tonight Morehouse posted this: OLB Ben Niemann was excellent Saturday. He missed a series, but returned. KF said he was one of the “touch and go” guys from last week. Niemann missed a lot of time in camp with a hamstring injury. Iowa is being watchful, but KF...
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    Roll Call: How many of you fanatics used to pay over at Scout or Rivals or 247????

    Around 2003-04, I paid at Hawkeye Nation when Jon had the site and I think Rob was with him. I liked the magazines that came out. I too grew tired of reading about recruits visits and dropped the subscription.
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    Will Connor McCaffrey's decision to play two sports influence Oliver Martin decision?

    Football spring practices would conflict with baseball season, but it can be done (play both sports)
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    ESPN all 2000 team

    OL Robert Gallery: The physical presence up front made it back-to-back seasons for Iowa with the offensive lineman of the year, picking up his trophy in 2003 before heading to the NFL as a first-round pick. I thought they understated RG a bit. No mention of winning Outland Trophy or being #2...
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    Beathard underwent sports hernia surgery

    Corey Clement of Wisky missed nearly the whole season with sports hernia. He tried to play through, then I think the week of the Iowa game, went to Germany for the surgey IIRC. I guess CJB was tougher lol
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    When is Drew Ott red shirt announcement?

    Feb 22-23 The Big Ten’s six-member academics and eligibility subcommittee, which includes Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta, decides Ott’s case. The subcommittee next is scheduled to meet Feb. 22-23, 2016 in Rosemont, Ill...
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    State of Iowa-Giant Slayers. #1 goes down again

    Is this Hell? No it's IOWA! 3rd #1 goes down. UNI beats # 1 North Carolina November 21 Iowa beats # 1 Michigan State Dec 29 ISU beats # 1 Oklahoma Jan 18
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    Ott's chances

    5th year
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    2016 Iowa Hawkeye Football

    yep, here's the full scoop from 12/9/15 from Morehouse on King and Ott:
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    Desmond King

    If he is projected 3rd-4th round currently, I'm not sure millions are waiting for him next year? Cumulatively, certainly. What's a 3rd RD DB guaranteed in rookie season?
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    So Wadley started B1G Championship game...

    I didn't see it really mentioned anywhere on this board or by the sportswriters regarding Wadley starting. We had a healthy Canzeri and Daniels, but Wadley got the nod and the first touch of the game (and 2nd or 3rd). I was excited as soon as he went in motion on opening play of game, knew our...
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    Jewell was tackled

    That makes me sick
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    Injury update?

    MSU and Iowa are a couple of the only teams using a FB. Plewa and Cox went down last year and we suffered even with 2 NFL players on our line. This year with Plewa/Cox, the run game is humming. I see MSU's FB was injured last week: MSU senior fullback Trevon Pendleton went down Saturday with...