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  1. KCHawkeye

    Combine Results

    Van Ness 2nd 40 was 4.66. He's in the top set of runners. Still getting props from the NFL Network.
  2. KCHawkeye

    Combine Results

    Nice. Van Ness 1st attempt in 40 was 4.64 not bad at all. Best so far was 4.44. Lukas is listed as 6'5" and 272 lbs. I didn't know he was that tall. Most ran in the 4.7 to 4.8 range.
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    Combine Results

    DL and Linebackers. Edge rushers just starting and Van Ness is getting props.
  4. KCHawkeye

    Who’s Going To Wrigley?

    Holy crap! If this picture is legit, that's insane to play football on at the ends.
  5. KCHawkeye

    What would you be willing to sacrifice for a Hawkeye national title?

    I was going to say I'd give up beer for a year, but I tried that for Lent once, and man, that liquor'd like to kill ya.
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    Kirk and Woody

    From the University of Wisconsin Fact Book of 2022. There is a lot on the website, but I found this in the section for the list of past head coaches. I believe the asterisk identifies the additional wins and years. Barry Alvarez 1990-05* 119-74-4 (.614) 67-32-3 (.672) 42-37-1 (.531) 10-5-0...
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    Kirk and Woody

    Barry Alvarez' years as head coach didn't add up, so I had to Wiki him. He was actually head coach from 1990 to 2005 inclusive for 16 years. I didn't look up the rest of the stats to see if they were correct.
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    Hawk Defense #1 Stop Rate…again

    This is all I got.
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    Dochterman: Iowa football’s character, consistency on display again in Music City Bowl win

    Yeah, case in point is the last bowl game. Iowa was 0-11 in 3rd down conversions. Punted every time.
  10. KCHawkeye

    Van Ness declared

    Found a site that Lew Alcindor developed to explain his conversion to Islam.
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    Future of non-playoff bowls

    Yeah, I don't know. When is the NFL draft? Some players will want to be getting ready for it. Of course, there are some players holding out of bowl games anyway.
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    Harbaugh NFL Bound?!

    Did TRJ cheat? The question is did the coaches cheat? At least at the college level, you know the answer.
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    When does the shoe drop on the OC?

    You're right, that would be an amazing stat. I got that info from an in-game app. I usually use NCAA and CFBSTATS.COM for info, but would have to pay to dig deeper. Maybe someone else has a site to go to look deeper. However, I did see on that Iowa is third from last in third down...
  14. KCHawkeye

    Basic computer programming

    Good for your son for thinking of fusion. As of about Dec. 12th, there is a lot of news about fusion for future energy usage. It'll be a while before it's economically usable, but looks promising. Also, it's clean. It'll probably replace electric cars in the not so near future, which looks to be...
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    Don’t look now TCU up big on Mich. early.

    Georgia came we back 21-21 .
  16. KCHawkeye

    When does the shoe drop on the OC?

    "Weren’t we like 0-9 on third down attempts at one time in this game? What was the final stat?" Finished 0-11 in 3rd down conversations.
  17. KCHawkeye

    Don’t look now TCU up big on Mich. early.

    10:45 left 86 total points. What was the over/under?
  18. KCHawkeye

    Don’t look now TCU up big on Mich. early. B1G is 4-0 through the Iowa game.
  19. KCHawkeye

    Don’t look now TCU up big on Mich. early.

    No, I don't believe so.
  20. KCHawkeye

    Don’t look now TCU up big on Mich. early.

    I agree that TD reversal was BS.