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  1. DrKnipe

    Do you enjoy Iowa football still?

    I watched more OSU-ND than Iowa. These last several years have been really bad offensively. There won’t be anything different the rest of the year. I’ve been watching as an Iowa fan since the first game I can remember (Freedom Bowl ‘84). But watching this team has become a bore. I couldn’t have...
  2. DrKnipe

    Let's get it over, Hawks vs Peds official game thread.

    .500 kind of year. Quick Lane if we’re lucky
  3. DrKnipe

    Game thread Iowa vrs. Western Michigan

    At Pedo State is going to be awful
  4. DrKnipe

    Underwhelming game outside of the first 2 scores

    I didn’t know Scott Farkus was our strength coach.
  5. DrKnipe

    The Big Ten is Dead

    Two divisions Pre-Penn State teams Everyone else Title game in Pasadena Screw travel $. They got the money
  6. DrKnipe

    Cody Ince Has Passed Away

    What the hell happened? You don’t just suddenly pass away at 23. Was he sick?
  7. DrKnipe

    BIG Tourney...

    I was there today. Pretty good number of Iowa fans. Just absolutely nothing to get excited about. Iowa must’ve hit more foul balls than I’ve ever seen. Lots of taking pitches. At least the season goes on. Making the NCAA isn’t common at Iowa.
  8. DrKnipe

    This staff blew it

    Well it was fun to pretend the best would want to come here. A national title game appearance and it’s still not enough to shake the “we’re just little ‘ol Iowa” mentality
  9. DrKnipe


    2-6! Only 4 below .500 Go Royals!
  10. DrKnipe

    Lauren Betts, come on down

    If she comes, I’d be glad to contribute to a Pancheros gift card.
  11. DrKnipe

    Van Lith in Transfer Portal

    I’d be geeked if Holly came. I’m not real optimistic about it
  12. DrKnipe

    Easter baseball at Indiana

    Escaped company into my garage. Listening to radio call on YouTube. These guys do a good job! Hoping for a series win!
  13. DrKnipe

    Are there any BBall Rule Changes that You Would Like to See?

    Get rid of 3 point line.
  14. DrKnipe

    Greatest Individual Game In Iowa History

    What’s embarrassing? Should he just saw Aw shucks when refs are acting a fool?
  15. DrKnipe

    Greatest Individual Game In Iowa History

    I turned it off at 82-70.
  16. DrKnipe

    More objects shot down over Alaska and Canada

    What in the world is going on here? I think it’s a case of “look at this over here” That’s what concerns me is the stuff we aren’t being told.
  17. DrKnipe

    Ukraine War Update

    Spot on! Russia is building something!
  18. DrKnipe

    #6 Iowa at psu game thread

    I think Iowa’s pink jerseys weakened Penn State like football’s pink locker room
  19. DrKnipe

    #6 Iowa at psu game thread

    They are toying with PSU
  20. DrKnipe

    Brian isn't going anywhere

    Did anyone expect any other outcome?