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    End of an IC/Coralville Era (?)

    Evidently you have never been to the Lark in Tiffin back in the day. I have never in my 76 years been exposed to such drivel. No wonder this website is going down the tubes. You sir are a bombastic fool.
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    Amazon Blew My Mind Today

    In Eastern Iowa we have a HUB and Delivery Center in Iowa City and Davenport has a huge 5 story Fulfillment Center at the Maysville exit. Without Amazon Prime I can get 1-2 day delivery on items I can't find locally. Of course this adds to the semi congestion and wrecks on I-80.
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    Iowa withheld some athletes from competition

    With the NCAA washing their hands of NIL, what's the big deal with legal gambling for players. Bunch of hypocrites.
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    PMac/Kate Martin tweet

    It was Ralph Miller. I heard the interview. Still had the best Hawk team since I was too young for Bucky. Ralph had his players go out for cross country order for them to press the entire game. Fran should look at old tapes...might learn something.
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    LSU clearly better team today

    Howard Jones and Evie were coaches for those teams, are you a looking at reality? I saw those Evie's teams. They were great. Howard Jones left to build USC. Then you go by Chosen Children because Bob Commings beat a UCLA team (which I attended). That was a flash in the pan. As I approach my...
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    Okay Bluder...

    Too short
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    Okay Bluder...

    Lauren Betts 6'7" Stanford center in the portal. From Colorado. high school teammate...Addison O'Grady
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    Maryland vx South Carolina and Ohio State vs Virginia Tech

    No we are 2-0 against OSU. Check the schedule.
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    Have to admit...

    As Mike Hlas of the Gazette mentioned Caitlin is not a generational talent but is one of a kind. We may never see this again ever.
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    Maryland vx South Carolina and Ohio State vs Virginia Tech

    I believe we are 2-1 against Maryland. Remember the 28 point loss to them prior to our current win streak.
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    No Wisconsin no problem right? Official Ohio St vs Iowa Big Ten Tournament Game thread

    What kind of spooky ghoul is that. He needs bilateral otoplasties
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    Connor McCaffery Shines for Iowa

    Conner brings an edge that reminds me of the Peaky Blinders.
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    Have to admit...

    I doubt the current roster of top 25 women's team have an average height list in the 5'6" range. The Hawkeye women average a little over 6 feet. Iowa's tallest is 6'4". Most of the top programs have ladies in the 6'5 to 6'7"range.
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    The world we live in...

    One of my all time great George Carlin's presentations... no better words were ever spoken. Wake up folks we are not all that. Thank you Fryowa.
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    The world we live in...

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    #6 Iowa vs Maryland Game Thread

    Women's game tonight.
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    Will BF Be OC Next Spring?

    All you need to know is when Kirk says he doesn't play golf... He has nothing else in his life except coaching and family. We are stuck in groundhog's day.
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    U of I parts with swarm collective

    Just reviewing the Kentucky football roster on UK Athletics and I noticed twitter & instagram icons next to each player. Then on 25 players were NIL icons. Men's basketball: 2(one of which was CJ Federick). Women's basketball: 2. You click on the icon and receive an invite to join the BBNIL...
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    Mike Leach

    After seeing Mike Leech with Bobby Stoops I ponder what might have been at Iowa.
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    Mike Leach

    Sounds like the poor fellow had a dissecting aortic aneurysm