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  1. tm3308

    Wadley Makes it Official, He's Coming Back

    I'm not saying you should care about the NFL, but it's not as though that critique of his readiness for the next level was invalid. And adding 10 or so pounds can definitely help him at Iowa, too. Nobody's expecting him to be built like Daniels by August (or ever).
  2. tm3308

    Wadley Makes it Official, He's Coming Back

    He could definitely stand to add 10 pounds. He's obviously made things work thus far, but how many 190-pound running backs do you see last in the NFL (the best comparison for Wadley I can think of is Jamaal Charles, and he's definitely had an injury-riddled career)? 200 pounds is more reasonable...
  3. tm3308

    Howe: Iowa Routing ISU Not Good Thing for Cy-Hawk Series

    Seriously, where's the rule that says Iowa has to play no one else in the OOC if they keep ISU on the schedule? Texas is playing Notre Dame and Cal, Oklahoma is playing Ohio State and Houston, and they both play 9-game conference schedules. Keep a tune-up game against a Miami (OH) or what not...
  4. tm3308

    Jok enters NBA Draft, does not hire agent

    I'll be a little surprised if he actually hires an agent and declares for the draft. I'm not at all surprised he's testing the waters. Given how much tougher it will be to get good looks next year without Uthoff on the floor, one way to look at this is that Jok's stock may be as high as it will...
  5. tm3308

    Thank You Seniors

    Clemmons was my favorite of the bunch. He was the least heralded coming in and really burst onto the scene as a freshman with that great game against ISU, then struggled mightily down the stretch and as a sophomore, and instead of calling it quits and transferring, he put in the work and...
  6. tm3308

    Pump the Brakes

    Then his final minute turnovers seem a bit out of place.
  7. tm3308

    We Need To Recruit Isolation Players

    This. Washpun and Paige are both in-state guys who would be the difference for this team. Let's also not forget that Iowa all but had Tyler Ulis before Kentucky swooped in late in the process.
  8. tm3308

    Bottom Line: Our Guards Aren't Getting it Done

    It didn't matter what was called, honestly. Nobody was open and Gesell did the only thing he could as an inbounder with no timeouts. Illinois made a play.
  9. tm3308

    Fran's postgame

    He's gotta be better than that. It wasn't a pointed question, the reporter didn't have any sort of accusatory tone. It was a perfectly reasonable question, and one that Fran would happily answer or allow his players to answer if the play had worked. If you'd answer it when the play works, you...
  10. tm3308

    Scott Dochterman just had an interesting stat

    Unless maybe this is a team that would benefit more from the TO than just letting it go (which would explain why the bad stretches keep happening).
  11. tm3308


    Uh, wut? Uthoff was 5-17 from the floor. I'm not bashing on him, but if you're going to point fingers at the seniors, you best not limit it to Sapp and Woody. Uthoff was responsible for a lot of empty possessions.
  12. tm3308

    Carver Arena is BORING

    The information I got was that the catwalks up there will be removed, as well. That might open up more possibilities for anchor points on the sturdier points of the roof design.
  13. tm3308

    Iowa 4th in AP poll, 6th in Coaches

    God dammit, Alford.
  14. tm3308

    Carver Arena is BORING

    I can't tell you who I heard it from, but I was told when I was shooting yesterday's game that this is very much being discussed, possibly for as soon as next season.
  15. tm3308

    Carver Arena is BORING

    Not according to their arena seating charts. They're either behind the baskets or in the corner like Iowa's. MSU, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio State all do it. After them and the schools you incorrectly listed, there really aren't any atmospheres in the B1G worth bragging about, whether they...
  16. tm3308

    Uthoff- First major conference player this season to have...

    They certainly count. But I'd posit that given what we've seen this year, perhaps White's way of scoring disrupted the flow of the offense more. This offense is way more free-flowing, even with two clearly established go-to guys.
  17. tm3308

    Carver Arena is BORING

    6:00pm on a weeknight is early. 6:30 on a Sunday night is late, especially given the weather yesterday. I'll buy that for people deciding not to make the trip from out of town. But that doesn't excuse the people who do show up and then sit on their hands.
  18. tm3308

    This team better get back to what got them here.

    He still didn't shoot well. He did most of his scoring around the rim and was 1-7 from behind the arc.
  19. tm3308

    Carver Arena is BORING

    For ****'s sake. 1. Where is this myth that "everyone else" puts the students courtside coming from? Indiana doesn't. Purdue doesn't. Kansas doesn't. North Carolina doesn't. Arizona doesn't. UCLA doesn't. Iowa State doesn't. Villanova doesn't. Syracuse doesn't. Georgetown doesn't. Maryland...
  20. tm3308

    This team goes as far as Baer and Uhl take them

    Ellingson plays less than 10 minutes a game. Oglesby never played less than 16.5 mpg in any of his four seasons. Ellingson is being used more in the way that Oglesby should have been. He's fine to put out there for a few minutes to give Clemmons/Gesell/Jok a breather and not be a total defensive...