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    Gopher fans chanting “We hate Iowa”

    it's bizarre for sure
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    Gopher fans chanting “We hate Iowa”

    they do this all the time... I have a friend that dates someone who goes to Minnesota and they went to the Outback Bowl and even Gophers fans chanted it there
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    my thoughts (read:overreactions) after exhibition

    CMC-He is what he is, good ball handler and passer at times, not much else, I don't like him as much as others and I don't dislike him as much as others JW-could have a huge year if he is less timid, he is our best player all around CJ-great shooter, I think he is someone who can help us stay in...
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    Brian/Nate's Objective Performance

    that's because a team that loses all their OOC games and wins the conference plays in the Horizon
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    Kelton Copeland on Oliver Martin

    we have a fever...and the only cure is more OM
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    Brandon Smith

    only works against bad teams b/c they aren't as athletic but doesn't work at all against B1G teams...I only see it really working with elite athletes that teams like Bama and Clemson and OSU have
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    Brandon Smith

    KF: B. Smith out 3-5 weeks...dammit
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    Iowa 2-Deep for Northwestern Game

    almost like that's kind of the point of a forum
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    Iowa 2-Deep for Northwestern Game

    didn't want to say it but might not be wrong Doyle and Ferentz are....close
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    Iowa 2-Deep for Northwestern Game

    Doyle over Campbell, I don't get that one ??
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    Nate Stanley distracted?

    he did it...nice try
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    Nate Stanley distracted?

    I know someone close to the situation and apparently Nate Stanley and his girlfriend broke up last night...hope this only motivates him more
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    Backup QB

    Think about Iowa's most successful seasons under Ferentz...they have mostly all come with QBs who have the ability to run a little bit. I'm not saying we have had Tim Tebow but it seems like we do better with a QB who has some running ability as opposed to Stanley who probably makes Tom Brady...
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    post spring USA Today Top 25

    I don't care if they think they project well, how is Nebraska ranked
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    post spring USA Today Top 25

    they called their future #1 overall pick Matt Purdy on accident
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    Joe Wieskamp Going Through NBA Draft Process

    not sure why people always overreact to this, we should be happy he is getting a free evaluation from the NBA telling him what he needs to improve on...this could only make him better
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    Fran Looking Around?

    They could also be here meeting with one of Frans assistants...just a thought
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    Poll: Tyler Cook's Future

    my guess is he's leaving, maybe play in Europe...I have had multiple classes with me and that man really hates school(albeit just like the rest of us)
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    *THE Iowa Hawkeyes vs Ohio $tate Buckeyes Official Game Thread*

    CMac made a hand gesture and got T'd up I don't think that's enough to call him a hot head...I remember reading posts praising his passion and emotion during the 2k classic but since we are losing it is a problem, please
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    HN TV: Watch Iowa's Kids Day Scrimmage

    Why does it seem like our quarterbacks are staring at the receiver they're going to throw to as soon as they get the snap?