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  1. Knight78

    Coaching changes

    Exactly right. Ever since Brian moved from OLine coach to OC our line play has deteriorated. Doesn't matter who's the QB or RB, if they don't get blocking they don't do squat.
  2. Knight78

    What makes Iowa offense so predictable?

    Lets not forget that during the covid season, Iowa had Linderbaum, Cronk and Jackson on the O-line; all three are in the NFL now. Banwart is on an NFL practice squad now. That's 4 of the starting 5 linemen. How many of the current linemen do you think will be NFL players?
  3. Knight78

    Should Beth Goetz Rescind Brian's Contract Stipulations?

    I look at it this way: When a new CEO is hired by a corporation, that CEO does not renegotiate all the standing contracts. I myself have been through 3 different CEO's and 5 (I think) CIO's (I worked in IT). My contracts were never renegotiated when the new person took over. Brian's contract...
  4. Knight78

    UW Board of Regents meeting tonight

    My brother and I have agreed for a while now that FBS college football will have two conferences: the ESPN conference and the Fox Sports conference.
  5. Knight78

    Major ISU Shakeup

    How hard would it be for a player in those states to 1) Drive to another state before logging in (not hard but time consuming), or 2) Use a VPN, which would completely change their phone's reported location (easy to do, set up takes less than 10 minutes).
  6. Knight78

    Rashad Godfrey Jr. Commits to Iowa

    Any relation to former Iowa DB Charles Godfrey?
  7. Knight78

    ESPN Layoffs

    ESPN is owned by Disney and Disney has been bleeding money for several years and has begun a HUGE purge. This is just a part of the purge.
  8. Knight78

    We're in elite company

    You may have a valid criticism of the non-conference schedule, but the conference schedule is not something the coach or AD have any control over; it's set by the Big 10 front office. And did you happen to notice that last year we played both Michigan and Ohio St.? And did you also notice that...
  9. Knight78

    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    Just to point out... OSU had a run/pass mix of 465/408 last year. That's right more run than pass.
  10. Knight78

    Kris gone...declaring for NBA

    And let's not forget that Keegan shot 39.8% his last season at Iowa and is now shooting at 41.4% as an NBA rookie against better, quicker defenders with the line 3-4 feet farther out. It isn't unreasonable to believe that Kris could make the same percentage increase. And there are a number of...
  11. Knight78

    Kris gone...declaring for NBA

    A lot of posters here thought Keegan should come back for another year... and he's only set the NBA rookie record for made 3-pt field goals while shooting a respectable 41.4% as well has helping the Kings to the playoffs for the first time since the 2005-2006 season. I'd say he's done OK.
  12. Knight78

    Nothing to hang their heads about, one of those days were unfortunately things were going against you

    Didn't know the extent of her injuries. Thanks for the update.
  13. Knight78

    Nothing to hang their heads about, one of those days were unfortunately things were going against you

    I think it will be harder to replace Warnock. She got a LOT of clutch rebounds and is an ideal stretch 4 who can also run the floor well and even able to bring the ball up the court on occasion. I think if O'Grady puts in the work this off-season she can be a more than adequate 5. Maybe Ava...
  14. Knight78

    Influx of Transfers New for Iowa

    He's probably 6'2" in mud cleats and wearing his helmet....
  15. Knight78

    Other women’s games.

    I saw that and asked my wife "WTF is that??!?!" Neither of us could figure it out.
  16. Knight78

    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    So why did St. John's hire 70 year old Rick Pitino? They are definitely in a complete rebuild - haven't made the NCAA tourney since 2014.
  17. Knight78

    Have to admit...

    One aspect of her game that no one has mentioned is her speed with the ball. She can outrun nearly all opponents while dribbling down the court and the opponents struggle just to try to get in front of her. That part of her game will translate to the next level - speed is something you would not...
  18. Knight78

    Have to admit...

    Yeah, they don't make a lot compared to the men (which is why so many elect to play in Europe). But also realize that the NBA makes around $10 BILLION while the WNBA has lost about $10 million annually for the last 5-7 years. The NBA basically subsidizes the WNBA.
  19. Knight78

    time for change

    Hey, I resemble that comment! I still have my Computer Geeks t-shirt from the early 90's. And personally I'd never call Jobs a "computer geek" - that was Wozniak. Jobs was a marketing guy.
  20. Knight78

    time for change

    Depends upon what the next batter does. Two doubles gives you a run and a runner in scoring position; a home run gives you a run and possibly (likely) an out.