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    Cody Ince Has Passed Away

    rips my heart out.
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    ESPN Layoffs

    I started hating ESPN once Beth Mowins was doing all Iowa games.
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    How many times per day do you listen to Back in Black?

    All game long spare me..............
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    How many times per day do you listen to Back in Black?

    Back to the topic, Back in Black is played by me to overcome any negativity before or in the offseason, always gets me psyched for the coming year. Despite my desire as more of Flyin Herky fan, this was and is a nice addition to the game day experience. Now the over the top blare in your ear...
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    How many times per day do you listen to Back in Black?

    Fans are indeed not bad at all and have all weathered an awful storm. I dont necessarily have a bad feeling about the university either, have a couple of good colleagues are PSU grads and the academics are top notch. Brushing off a Doyle is easier (right or wrong) than brushing off a Sandusky...
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    How many times per day do you listen to Back in Black?

    Anything regarding Penn State still makes me puke, You guys can have it all day long. Lot more cooler things in life than Pedo white outs and freaking Sweet Caroline, in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. But different things for different folks.
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    Let Jack go where he needs to go, I hope he is a great player somewhere and I hope his dad stays a few more years and achieves something in the tourney before he settles down and plays golf. I have always respected Frans competitiveness that he brings to his job.
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    Iowa Baseball Wins Regional Opener

    Season over nice gag kids. Was barely a good season with too many games against non D1 opponents. Dont see 3 wins coming with the back end staff. I really hope I am wrong but todays choke has tempered hope.
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    Marcus Morgan Hurls Hawkeyes to Win

    Sweep the last place Cats and they are definitely in. Went to all 3 games this past weekend and was impressed with the huslte and desire of these kids after the bad pub last week.
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    Kris gone...declaring for NBA

    G league will improve his chances to make the NBA vs staying, weisy and luka working thru it as well as they can. Cook also.
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    Article looking at Betts, Van Lith, and Morrow...prospects of coming to Iowa

    Unfortunately Betts has a strong connection to UCLA and so does her HS, Michela Oniywere an All American at Ucla 2 years ago and now in wnba is also from O Gradys HS. This will likley be her landing spot. On to the next one, we need bigs.
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    Lauren Betts, come on down

    The catch is not only Lauren Betts but her 6-4 sister who just won Colorado player of the year as a sophomore.
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    Ahron Ulis, Josh Ogundele in Portal

    I enjoyed the players we had, and like every new season time to see whats ahead and who can come in play some hoops for us.........a kinda suffering group of alums and fans.
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    Is this the best Iowa can do?

    "I like the shot selection" famous last words. Guy Lewis was asked once what he thought of his phi slamma jama teams and all the dunking...said " I have never seen a higher percentage shot in the game of basketball"
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    Angry Iowa Gets Auburn in Big Dance

    spot on there LOL
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    Angry Iowa Gets Auburn in Big Dance

    Shots may or not fall, thats the game, but hustle and defense can overcome that. Thats the Fran team I expect or should I say hope for on Thursday. Lets get the W kids.
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    Angry Iowa Gets Auburn in Big Dance

    Playing a team thats worse from 3 than us (#322) didnt know that was possible. Im sure they will make every one on us though......
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    No Wisconsin no problem right? Official Ohio St vs Iowa Big Ten Tournament Game thread

    we play like shit against crappy teams period and thats on fran.
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    Rob Sand Wants Barta Out

    Well old hawk I completely disagree. I was born and lived in the great quanset huts of the day. I have seen awful Iowa athletics with many rotten coaches in many sports come through my university. At this moment in time I will take top programs in all 5 of the men sports I follow. The fact that...
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    Rob Sand Wants Barta Out

    These lawsuits suck and the settlement in no way should include taxpayers. I also believe Gary has navigated difficult waters quite well over his whole career.,(albeit Ill never forgive him for scheduling NDSU) If anything I hope his health isnt affected by all the BS. He will likely go...