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    McDermott First Team AA

    Congrats to him, who was that other kid he played with in high school, his name escapes, me but wasn't he supposed to be an all-american at least twice by now? LOL
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    Good write up

    As much as I would like to see Clark win, I think Gulibon will win and possibly by major. Talking to his club coach, he says he is one of the toughest kids he has ever seen. But do remember, when McDonough wrestled Oliver in the all-star meet at West High he was beaten easy like he didn't even...
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    2013 for the Hawks

    I too heard from 3 different people very close to the program during Nationals that Gambrall may not be back next year, for the same reasons listed, the concussions and getting married. I hope this is not true and he gets his mind back in the game. I too think if Telford bulks up over the...
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    Did anyone see that HWT Brooks Black was at the HAWK party after the finals? This could be a great get after next year since he is a junior.
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    Trivia question for y'all

    while coach at Iowa or VaTech?
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    Sunday Session III

    So next year who at 149? J. Ballweg, Grothus, Kelly, Carew, Dwieza?
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    Session II 4:00 pm

    Did Kelly win? How many tomorrow does he have to win?
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    Iowa High School State Tournament

    You go Grandpa!!!! Even though I for the moment still have mediacom and get 9.2, I think the state must assure that the television coverage for all state sanctioned events can be picked up by everyone no matter what TV service they have!!
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    Marion arrested

    The only way I see him not getting booted, is if it is true he was sent a letter and it hadn't arrived (I guessing it may be sent certified?). Otherwise, if he knew he didn't have a license he is gone. I don't think this will even get to Brands to make a decision, if determined Montell knew...
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    Marion arrested

    Gable and Brands have always said everyone at weight had to be ready to go like a starter be it injury, illness or in this case STUPIDITY that takes the starter from the line up. Well, time to go Ballweg or Dwieza!!!
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    Marion arrested

    I don't think this even becomes a Brands problem, I think Barta and Mims will take it out his hands and Montell can start applying for jobs with all the free time he will have not wrestling and he should have to pay for the second semester of school should he stay. This isn't just about the...
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    UNI Open Results

    erased post
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    So does mid-January mean ready for Jan 7th against OSU (I hope!!)? Thoughts on the line up while he is out? Can Moore make 157 and Kelly at 149? Does Kelly go 157, and then 149 being Dwieza, Carew (who the hell knows what is up here) or Ballweg? I had the OSU dual as 5 matches each with OSU...
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    Why did Cayle Byers leave Iowa?

    So you don't like the very aggressive nature of the Iowa athletes? Maybe it pushes the boundaries a bit but this is not ping-pong, can't take it then get off the ride. As for dying, yes overall maybe but what packs any arena more than Iowa coming to town? Love them or hate them, Iowa and its...
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    UNI Next

    Someone help dallas, obviously has had a serious blow to the head and needs to be evaluated ASAP!!! He is not forming coherent thoughts and what he is saying is pure jibberish. Some call a Dr. !!! When he comes to, please someone explain the errors of his ways. LOL
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    UNI Next

    Someone new at 149 if we get the rules committee to view the weightloss rule our way!!!
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    Maybe he needs to decide to "Buy In" to the program and start living the right lifestyle. McDonough has taken Evans under his wing, maybe he will take Carew under the other!!!! It is one thing if it is injuries but if it is a lack of heart and discipline then that either needs to change or we...
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    Well after that performance last night I know we all have concerns. I think Ballweg has talent but he looked tentative, there was no confidence in his shots, and they were half shots at best. So does anyone know where Carew is with his knee health? Is there definitely no way Kelly can make...
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    Great finals today!

    Anyone know why Dwieza (sp) didn't get any matches? I still think it will be Ramos in the end. He does have more offense and that will always win matches the way the coaches want. I think we may have 4 weights we may see guys alternating some plus being decided in tournaments against other...
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    Mark Ballweg just dominated Nate Moore!

    Score of Ballweg and Moore? Any of the match scores?