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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 5 - penn state
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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    week 1 - Iowa week 2 - Minnesota week 3 - Colorado Week 4 - USC. Southern cal
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Western Michigan

    Weather today. 28-7 Iowa
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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    Changed from penn state to Colorado for week 3
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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 3 Colorado
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    Is Harris good to go at cb this week

    Anyone. I didn’t see him listed as suspended. Thanks
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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 2 - Minnesota week 2 - Minnesota
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    What makes Iowa offense so predictable?

    I think teams run the blitz up the gaps off center which is technically a run blitz and we haven’t figured out yet hoe to run against that. Teams have done it for the past few years and we blamed spender but until we figure that out it will be tough sledding I’m afraid
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    2023 College Football Survival Pool

    Week 1 - Iowa
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    We have any schollies left

    Anyone on NW we might go after ? Wonder about AJ Henning maybe
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    Portal opens 4-15

    If we can get one more wr and some depth at cb, ol, and lb I’d feel really good. This wr from Ohio state is a great start but I’d like to get the kid from Michigan and some serviceable depth at those other positions
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    I’m not sure what we are doing. We need wr and o line. We don’t need all American wr but serviceable and I’d think we could get an OL at least. I’m hoping they are just keeping it quiet. We need to get a bit more help. There are decent cb and lb we could add for depth too. You’d think at...
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    That should help recruiting and maybe portal. Get to work quickly please
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    Time to hit the portal for a couple WR
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    Portal left overs

    What happens to all the people still out there? They hoping for late offers or playing as walk-ones? I guess if the prior school will take them back maybe ? Seems like a lot of players in that spot.
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    Nick Jackson

    Thought I saw something yesterday about him becoming a Hawkeye via portal. Anyone else see that or know any update ?
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    Big Ten Recruiting Rankings

    Overall a solid class. Wish we had done a bit better in the portal
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    Alex Padilla Headed to SMU

    Texas tech I think
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    Joe Evans Returning for 6th Season

    This is awesome
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    Van Ness declared

    Good for him. Aaron graves and others can do same next year. Would have loved to have him back but I think we will be ok on DL still