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    Do you enjoy Iowa football still?

    It wouldn't be so bad except we had zero chance to even compete last night. We didn't belong on the field with PSU. We are nothing more than a Mountain West team or a Mid American Conference team. Total disappointment!
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    Possible Candidates

    Ryan Grubb, Washington Huskies OC. Played at Buena Vista University, raised in North West Iowa
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    The three greatest lies

    Oh, I get it. Only 9 inches to go for first down, ...... thought you were getting banned for a brief moment.....still LMAO
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    Offensive Record?

    Spot on
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    Transfer portal

    Has anyone entered the transfer portal mid season? Can it be done?
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    Offensive Record?

    76 total yards, 4 first downs..... speechless
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    The three greatest lies

    1. I love you 2. The checks in the mail 3. BF selling Cade on his offensive
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    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly vs Western Michigan

    Think we are seeing the effects of Cade being limited in preseason on reps. His timing isn't there causing hesitation and doubt. Give the line some love....great holes for rb's
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    Am I alone here

    Every situation the kids are on the field they should be aloud to excel. I think KF trying to always be the good guy gets in the way.
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    Am I alone here

    Not outraged at all. Just an observation
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    Am I alone here

    Is the way Iowa approached the last two minutes today in any way a reflection of......the contract
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    Should Beth Goetz Rescind Brian's Contract Stipulations?

    Barta was backed into a corner by the BF oc situation. It was obviously a nepatism hire, but with BF sucking so bad, he either had to fire BF or come up with some ridiculous alternative.
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    Anyone else hearing Brian Ferentz to Northwestern whispers?

    The Ferentz PR machine at it again! Next BF will trot into the AD office and need more money to stay. We will see if new AD is as dumb as Barta.
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    Cody Ince Has Passed Away

    In light of this tragedy, it puts things in perspective. Rest in peace
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    Brian's Quote: "If this is my last season as Iowa's OC, I'm at peace with that."

    That's why the pressure is on. Running out of excuses for lack of production. Can't hide forever when your ranking is 131 out of 131. Total embarrassment
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    More indiscretions tied back to Iowa football program

    Make him the offensive coordinator. He can't do worse than #131
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    Ahron Ulis, Josh Ogundele in Portal

    It looks like the majority of Penn St's team hit the Portal
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    My 2 cents

    I feel the loss of Jack Nunge haunted us the last 2 years. This year we had one big man, Rebraca. He played great, but he was it. We had no choice but to win or lose via jumpers and 3's
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    What do y'all think about Brian's pay cut and ultimatum announced publicly today?

    Spot on. Only trying to appease the fan base and sport writers.... nothing more. Damage control after KF figuratively told Hawkeye nation to f... off in his press conference.
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    When does the shoe drop on the OC?

    They cash big paychecks real well