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    Just said on Gameday "Maybe Iowa is pretty good." Herby agreed

    So tonight NW and Purdue are 2 of your favorite teams.
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    ***Week Four B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    Picks to Win: Minnesota Indiana Penn State Rutgers Northwestern Michigan First Penalty: Minnesota Michigan State Nebraska Rutgers Purdue Michigan
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    Poll: Who's Going To Win Tuesday?

    I was wrong on this. I thought they would wait a week or so. But its hard to respect the intelligence of anyone who didn't see #2 coming several months ago if Biden won. Not only was there a vaccine breakthrough announcement yesterday. Now there is also an announcement of a treatment option...
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    Poll: Who's Going To Win Tuesday?

    I too am not a political guy. I probably should do more research but its hard to find any media that is trustworthy. One of the things I do look at is who does China want to win? That is my concern with Biden getting elected. We did exactly what they wanted.
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    ***Week Three B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    Picks to Win: Nebraska @ Northwestern Michigan @ Indiana Maryland @ Penn State Michigan State @ Iowa Minnesota @ Illinois Rutgers @ Ohio State First Penalty: Nebraska Michigan Maryland Michigan State Minnesota Rutgers
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    Sucks, but finally found out I don't really care

    Its hard to get fired up about Kirk and Brian going forward. They have shown beyond doubt over the last 3+ seasons that regardless of talent level and experience they can't field a good offense. We're talking about Cash positions/5 DB base sets and RB taking direct snaps this season. Teams have...
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    ***Week Two B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    I saw on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. A source said that Wisconsin's test positivity rate is close to the threshold that would force the team to stop regular practice and competition for a minimum of seven days.
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    ***Week Two B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    Picks to Win: Minnesota Michigan Illinois Nebraska Indiana Iowa OSU First Penalty: Minnesota MSU Purdue Wisconsin Indiana Northwestern OSU
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    Purdue is not a good football team

    The perfect summation of yesterday's performance. The only thing I may add is taking one of KF's favorite lines: There is a lot to clean up.
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    Another in a long line of mediocre QB

    Stanley had 3 TDs in his first game, 5 in his second game, and 2 in his third game. In their first B1G start Stanley: 13/22 (59%) 191 yards (8.7 per attempt) 2 TDs, 0 INTs QBR of 72.9 against a top 5 team with a great defense Petras: 22/29 (56%) 265 yards (6.8 per attempt) 0 TDs, 0 INTs...
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    hawks better buckle both straps on the helmet for jNW

    Yeah he could do a lot of damage against Iowa's back 7.
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    Big Ten Pick 'Em

    Most of us went 4-3 or 3-4. That is a total KF kind of win loss mark!
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    Big Ten Pick 'Em

    The sheet looks good for me. Cool idea! Thanks for putting it together.
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    Big Ten Pick 'Em

    Winners Illinois @ Wisconsin Rutgers @ Michigan State Nebraska @ OSU Penn State @ Indiana Iowa @ Purdue Michigan @ Minnesota Maryland @ Northwestern Penalty Illinois Rutgers Nebraska Penn St Iowa Michigan Maryland
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    Alrighty then, whats an exceptable W/L record

    For the 3rd straight year Iowa will have the most talented team in the West and still won't win the division. I'm going with 4-4 with losses to Purdue, Minnesota, Penn St, & Wisconsin. They'll probably be matched up with Michigan or Indiana in the final week.
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    Why doesn't (can't) the Big 12 play defense?

    3 QBs - Pat Mahomes Murray is a pretty solid young QB that is very talented. I could see him sticking around for awhile. Arizona seems to be pleased with him. Mayfield is actually having a solid year and being quiet about it. Will it last? I doubt it. We'll see. Both are in the top 10 in QBR...
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    Analyzing Iowa Football's Recent History with '20 Opponents

    Assuming Iowa loses to Wisconsin again this season, it will be the Badgers 6th straight victory in the series at Kinnick. In the Fry/KF era, no B1G team has won 6 straight games vs Iowa in Kinnick. Ohio St and Michigan both have a 5 game win streak in the 1990s early 2000s. PSU currently has...
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    Season starts 10/24

    Bateman also declared prior to the B1G postponing the season so had the 10 game season gone on as planned he would have been out. I heard Rondale Moore wants back in too.
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    8 - Game Schedule

    I'm guessing if the B1G were forced to do a winter or spring season that this would have been the plan. But with the CFP in play and Ohio St and PSU having a ton of talent they want to make sure they're in on that party. And 6 regular season games compared to 10 for the Big 12 and SEC and 11...
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    8 - Game Schedule

    The kicker to this is that Minnesota's next locked in opponent is Michigan St Wisconsin's next locked in opponent is Ohio St.