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    What2Watch4: Iowa Spring Practice

    Is this Anderson or Vines? I know the former was out at the beginning of spring ball, but I think that's #6 ...
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    Ken O'Keefe Stepping Down as Iowa QB Coach

    Called it for months ... My money is on Rod Carey as QB coach and co-OC. Could be an internal promote too.
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    Video & Transcript: Kirk Ferentz Iowa Talks Football

    Thanks for pressing questions on the advisory committee. Keep on it. That being said, I do like the idea of having members of the committee be closer to the current players. At some point, feedback from individuals 10+ years and five states removed from the program becomes circular. The most...
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    Wadley article

    Honestly I disagree with 70% of your takes (it's a fan forum, that doesn't say anything about you or me other than we have too much time on your hands) but I couldn't agree more on this take. LaVar should be named coach-in-waiting.
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    transfer porthole or lack of

    Aaron Graves? Top 100 recruit.
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    Okay QB Geniuses...I Did The Work, Now You Defend Your Point

    One reason I mention Bazelak is that Iowa recruited him. That's probably the only way I could see them taking in a transfer QB especially if someone leaves the position group from Iowa (like Deuce did this year). For instance, let's say Ty Thompson starts for Oregon, gets hurt, and his backup...
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    I completely disagree with this take. I don't think it's a trade off, I think stability has LED to wins for Iowa relative to its peer group. I think it's obvious that the offense needs to be overhauled in one shape or another. But the only reason Iowa is recruiting at a high level right now...
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    Okay QB Geniuses...I Did The Work, Now You Defend Your Point

    There were some guys that signed elsewhere from the portal who I think are comparable to Ramsey. You can't just point out who is available right now because obviously guys have already signed with their new schools. Bazelak comes to mind. NW 2019 and Iowa 2021 were very, very similar situations...
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    Okay QB Geniuses...I Did The Work, Now You Defend Your Point

    I am not on team transfer in the slightest but there are two obvious examples which hit close to home: 1) Peyton Ramsey (IU to NW) 2) Will Levis (PSU to UK)
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    Padilla is not transfering

    I am not in favor of using the portal for QBs but when we lose to a guy like Levis, it kinda makes you wonder.
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    Sam LaPorta, Jack Campbell Returning in '22

    Uh, I really doubt they are going from UDFA to top two rounds based on one more year of college ball ... But mostly I disagree that they would have been UDFAs. LaPorta has the production, pedigree, and draft grade to be picked somewhere in rounds 4-6. Campbell probably would have been a late...
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    Good QBs galore in portal

    Technically this isn't 100% accurate since CJB had a handful of starts to his name but I get your point ... QB, WR, and RB have all been deeply disappointing at Iowa under Ferentz in terms of production in college and the NFL. Shonn Greene the only name worth mentioning to this point. Maybe ISM...
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    Dane Belton Declares for NFL Draft

    I know Leistikow suggested Moss move to cash, but I think that would be a mistake as he is far and away the best cover corner on the team. The cash isn't a slot CB (which I think requires more or of a man-to-man scheme and might be Moss' projected position in the NFL) but really just an OLB with...
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    Riley Moss Returning in '22

    Year 1 was a redshirt year (I broke it down this way because he needed a redshirt year to gain weight)
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    Riley Moss Returning in '22

    He was a big recruiting win, but always a bit of a development project given he weighed like 185 pounds or something in high school. He was better in year 3 than 2, and I suspect the same will be true next year. He should be in line for a full-time starting role in 2023.
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    Good QBs galore in portal

    This is the most reasonable change and I don't know why it isn't getting more press. Anyone hoping for wholesale changes is dreaming. And I agree with other posters that a transfer QB is unlikely and would probably hurt the brand/recruiting efforts. There are way more Deuce Hogans than Kaleb...
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    Howe: What I'm Looking Forward to Seeing from Iowa Football in 2022

    Good thoughts. Don't forget Shannon at DT too.
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    The 22/23 Schedule

    1) History says we beat Minnesota and Nebraska. The former loses a lot of upperclassmen at the LOS. 2) History says we lose to Purdue 3) If we can beat either Ohio State or Michigan and avoid getting upset by NW, Rutgers, and Illinois than I see no reason why the home game against Wisconsin...
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    Howe: Taking A Crack at Iowa's '22 Spring Two-Deep

    Sorry, my wording was a little confusing. Iowa has been phenomenal at CB, but most of their stars were contributors from Day 1. I undersold Parker's work at developing this position. But it's not like the line where players generally don't even see the field and certainly don't meaningfully...