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    Iowa exhibition game thread

    I didn’t see the game, but from the highlights I watched, O’Grady looks to be a real talent. Of course, this was a DII team she was playing against, but she looked to be more athletic than Monica, with an inside game that is pretty good, too. 19 and 6 in limited minutes is pretty good.
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    Sharon Goodman

    We’ll miss Goodman, but I’m interested to see O’Grady. They list Goodman at 6’3”, O’Grady at 6’4”, but every photo I see it sure looks like O’Grady is a couple inches taller.
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    You Pit Barrel Cooker Guys?

    I don’t have a PBC, but from other purchases, look at the size you think you need, then buy the next larger size. Only regret I have with my BGE and pellet grill. I’m looking at gravity fed smokers, but am afraid my wife will simply change the locks and throw my sh*t in the driveway.
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    Indiana vs iowa

    Getting nice pressure.
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    Indiana vs iowa

    That’s a pretty good start.
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    PTO at Work

    I get 35 PTO days, which includes sick days/vacation. In addition, I get: MLK Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas New Years One floater, which we lose when Ind. Day, Christmas or New Years is on a Tuesday or Thursday i think it maxes at 15 years from 2 weeks to...
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    Brody and baseball

    Gets him closer to the decent money.
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    Brody and baseball

    There are a pretty good number of kids in the Chicago area who hit mid-90s in HS. My son played travel ball so we saw some pretty hard throwing kids. I‘m not sure how hard Hibbing threw at Iowa, but I think he was low-mid 90s in HS (my son was a senior when Hibbing was a sophomore), and one of...
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    Brody and baseball

    No. Given compensatory picks, 182 would put him in the late 4th/5th round. Bonus slots for the 4th and 5th range from $318k to a bit over $500k. And like I said earlier, that‘s living money until you make major league money.
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    Brody and baseball

    Bonus slots aren’t consistent team to team. The Pirates have a $14+ million bonus pool for the 2021 draft, while the Dodgers have $4.6 million. Each round has a slot for each team as well. Generally, you can go above slot for a given round, but total bonus allocation is limited. Seven figure...
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    Brody and baseball

    The nice thing for him is that he doesn’t have to declare for the MLB draft……he can just wait and see where he’s picked. He’s been pretty open about being willing to listen to baseball teams, so if they see talent they shouldn’t hesitate.
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    Brody and baseball

    If he’s throwing 94+ as an 18 yo, that’s projectable to 96-98+. Plus, in the clip posted on Twitter, looks like he’s throwing mostly with his upper body. If he’s a first or second rounder in the draft, I wouldn’t blame him at all for taking the 7 figures. Even if he blows his elbow out early...
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    JBO Update?

    Well, we’ll get one side of the story, anyway. Though maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Me, too. Not my place to tell most of those stories, though.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Hmmmm........that brings up a good point. Just where WERE the bouncers when some tool was chucking ice at customers? At least in my limited experience working the floor, one of them should’ve seen and/or heard something going on.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Here’s the DI story......I’d forgotten about this.
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Gotta be a bit careful with this one to protect the guilty. I was a bouncer at The Fieldhouse for a couple years during college, not because I was all that tough, but because I knew all of the FB and BB players and most of the wrestlers since I was a student manager for the FB team. So, if one...
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    Vaccine rollout

    Basically, if you’ve been vaccinated, you’re mostly safe. No need for a mask. But if you haven’t, you’re at risk. That population will also undoubtedly not wear masks and won’t distance, so they’ll continue the spread. Most of the people in that group will get well. Some won’t. I‘ve been...
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    Where are Nixon’s people at?

    That’s an issue with a lot of kids who grow up poor and get money. Hoping he proves them wrong.