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  1. Ree4

    Why do the republicans/conservatives have this love for Putin and Russia???

    Duh, communism works if done correctly too. The problem is it never is, there will always be corrupt people in charge. It's a fucking utopian idea that you're grasping on to. I remember yes, 5% of the population is too lazy to work. Where did you get that figure? That is a head-in-the-sand...
  2. Ree4

    Why do the republicans/conservatives have this love for Putin and Russia???

    Ahh the old trickle down theory eh? You realize that was a massive failure right? The biggest theft from American working people in history? It seems you'd prefer to have modern robber barons with more than enough money than they could spend in 1000 lifetimes while the poor, children and elderly...
  3. Ree4

    Why do the republicans/conservatives have this love for Putin and Russia???

    Exactly the point, the whole left vs right thing in this country is a distraction to what is actually happening. It's the main objective of mainstream media - to pit us against each other.
  4. Ree4

    Tory Taylor Adjusting to Leadership Role

    Sounds like he's speaking directly to a lot of the whiners on here: “What frustrates me is we’re the ones putting in the work,” he said. “We want to win more than the other people. We’re the ones who started this back in January. We’re not the ones sitting at home drinking a beer and eating a...
  5. Ree4

    Brian Ferentz Feels Prepared for Expanded Role

    Expanded cinnamon roll?? I bet Brian could put a few of those down
  6. Ree4

    When the NCAA tourney came, the Richmond Spider ended up the Hawkeyes *itch...official IA Richmond Game thread NCAA R1

    Lets gooooo I'll be at Joes Place downtown for the game if anyone is around :)
  7. Ree4

    Daily Iowan - Keegan/Kris Article

    I liked it because it gave a lot of insight that I hadn't seen before. The Murrays seem like a really special family. I didn't know that Fran and Kenyon went back that far either.
  8. Ree4

    FYI Hawks on TV

    Yeah there's a hell of a lot more action in soccer than baseball. At the very base level there are always more than one to two people simply moving at a time. There's a lot of other ways to watch people standing around if I really wanted to ;) The average soccer player runs 7 miles per game...
  9. Ree4

    FYI Hawks on TV

    Hahahah blahh it's so damn slow. I never played baseball as a kid which probably explains why I don't enjoy it. I played a shit ton of soccer though which probably explains why I appreciate it more.
  10. Ree4

    Daily Iowan - Keegan/Kris Article

    A friend shared this article with me from about a week ago from the DI, there's a lot of info about the Murray twins that you won't get elsewhere. It's a really fun read that shows how they are off the court. Enjoy...
  11. Ree4

    FYI Hawks on TV

    I'm not a fan of baseball but I grew up in the 80's like you - used to watch tons of their games with my grandma who was a huge fan. If I did have a team it would be the Cubs. I watched their entire post season run when they won the WS a few years back, was a lot of fun.
  12. Ree4

    First Four Game Thread

    That was an ugly game, glad to see Indiana pull it off. They just needed to get the ball to TJD all game, he seemed like the only one who showed up
  13. Ree4 did the Clowns even make the field?

    Iowa also has 4 quad 1 wins since mid January
  14. Ree4


    I saw Edey push Rebraca in the face when going for a rebound and, you guessed it, Rebraca was called for the foul.
  15. Ree4

    Brown: How Current Iowa Basketball Run Compares to Past Surges

    Yet another fantastic article.
  16. Ree4

    Keegan Murray AP 1st-Team All-American

    Got screwed for B1G player of the year, does he still have a shot at national player of the year? Would be interesting, I doubt that anybody that didnt win conference player of the year won national. Good for Keegan, awesome to see us continue to have All Americans.
  17. Ree4

    FYI Hawks on TV

    Ah yeah was just editing to change my last post to one button, I'm lazy. The previous watch list is nice but not in place of a one touch previous channel! I want both :D
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    FYI Hawks on TV

    It needs a damn one button previous channel function!