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    Howe: Potential Shown By Iowa Offense

    I dont know if anyone has asked this in previous threads or not, but Cade has 2 years of eligibility left. Is there any scenario in which the offense averages 20-25 points per game and he just decides to leave us? Decides he would rather go to a team that will spread out 4 wide and throw 40+...
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    Cade Knee injury

    I thought the same thing. DLine was in the backfield almost every play. I am hoping that's a nod to them and not how poor the OLine is going to be this year.
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    What do y'all think about Brian's pay cut and ultimatum announced publicly today?

    I believe Iowa State is the only team in the Big 12 that averaged less than 25 points per game. Imagine hiring an OC in that conference and telling them that as long as they don't finish dead last amongst their peers then they still have a job. Out of curiosity I looked and saw that 4 SEC...
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    Josh Gattis got fired from Miami

    I guess I've never followed the timeline of a coaching carousel this much since we've had the same coach at Iowa for 85% of my existence, but my question is- If it hasnt happened already is it now very unlikely and are we all now wishful thinking? How many college coaching changes happen in...
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    Will BF Be OC Next Spring?

    Maybe I missed a post or thread along the way but any chance Jon Budmayr steps into a higher position?
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    Will BF Be OC Next Spring?

    Brian's ego wont take a demotion. He's either gone or they'll bring in a new "co-offensive coordinator". Regardless, I think we all know some sort of change is coming.
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    Anybody Else Worried About Losing Phil Parker?

    Phil has been at Iowa since the 90s and is 60ish. I dont think he would uproot his life or family at this point in his career. If Phil makes a move it will probably be retirement. Maybe I'm wrong. It would be interesting to see how many head coaches got their first gig in their 60's. Also...
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    Bruce Is In The Portal

    Any chance Cade changes his mind by the 5th after seeing his entire supporting cast on the way out? Although there is probably an equally great chance that his presence brings some WR's in through the portal. Also, I'm using this post to happily eat my words from a few days ago that "Cade...
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    Matt Ruhl: 8 year contract, $74 million, 90% guaranteed. Well. This will be interesting.

    I must have misinterpreted your distain towards Nebraska. I thought you were giving them no hope because of where they are geographically located.
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    Matt Ruhl: 8 year contract, $74 million, 90% guaranteed. Well. This will be interesting.

    @Fryowa out of curiosity and because you've mentioned it a few times in this thread- what does Iowa offer recruits in terms of weather, draw, geography and selling points that Nebraska cant offer?
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    Matt Ruhl: 8 year contract, $74 million, 90% guaranteed. Well. This will be interesting.

    Anytime you can take teams from 2-10 and 1-11 and make those teams 10-3 and 11-3 in three years then you're probably doing something right. Nobody said he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just said I'd be optimistic about the hire.
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    Padilla to the Portal

    Cade McNamara isn't coming to Iowa... I hope I'm wrong. But you aren't going to get a guy who played on a stage that big and tasted success to go to a program that has a very low chance to win a national championship or be nationally recognized.
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    Matt Ruhl: 8 year contract, $74 million, 90% guaranteed. Well. This will be interesting.

    Contract is interesting, but as far as track record goes he does a nice job of turning around college programs relatively quickly. The only thing to note is that when you turn a program around in 2-4 years it generally isn't your own recruits. All that being said if I woke up and saw "Hawkeyes...
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    On a positive note...we only have to see Brian calling plays for one more game instead of two...
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    Post Your UNpopular Hawkeye Hot Take

    Hot take: Michigan upsets OSU in the Shoe, then Iowa beats Michigan in the B1G Championship game. Unpopular because then we retain Brian as next year's OC
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    17.877%: more fun with useless, but also telling numbers

    Other useless numbers - Cal fired their OC today. Cal is ranked 88th in total offense, has scored 13 more offensive touchdowns than Iowa and averages 100+ more yards of total offense per game than Iowa. If we had that offensive output we'd be 8-2. BF is so far below what's acceptable it's...
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    How upset will you be when Iowa ends up 9-4 and ranked in the final AP?

    The reason we want a change more than winning irrelevant games is to give hope to the future of bigger things than 8-4 every year. It's a little short sighted and wanting instant gratification to just want to win now over everything. Also, I wonder how many of those 25 instances is the family...
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    If Kirk ever hung it up....Woods or Bielema?

    Urban Meyer, baby! Iowa has plenty of young women on campus to keep him entertained.
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    If, on the 1% chance Iowa can somehow beat OSU in the Shoe,

    How many of those 18 times did the underdog have the worst offense in the country? But that is also a solid stat. Nice find.
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    Spencer Is Officially Toast

    You're not wrong - these same 'kids' are also in our military. I dont think too many 'kids' are in the military.