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    Smell a Rat

    This is hate week for me personally. No other team do I want the hawks to beat more than PSU. The university reeks of decomposing rat and should’ve been kicked out of the b10. Franklin is as big of a douche as douchtonio imo. As for the game, I definitely don’t foresee the hawks winning...
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    Dude he’s a freshman playing left tackle at alafreakinbama. I didn’t watch the whole game but from what I saw he looked like a man amongst boys and will be a top 10 draft pick making millions in a couple years. I would absolutely love if he was the left tackle for the hawks even if he makes...
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    Turnover Machines

    Nah, I don’t think D sander’s persona works in an nfl locker room.
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    Turnover Machines

    Colorado has playmakers on offense and can put up some pts. #2 is going to be a really good QB. Their defense is meh.
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    Turnover Machines

    What is it about every Nebraska qb for the last 15 years that makes them a TO machine? Everyone of them from Taylor Martinez to Tommy Armstrong to Adrian Martinez to now Jeff simms. Must be because every qb they’ve had can run the ball but have been terrible at passing the ball. Could it be...
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    Clown Confidence

    They have a great defense w/ no offense…….sound familiar?
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    What makes Iowa offense so predictable?

    This. Iowa’s offense can be difficult and unpredictable but only if/when the play action pass is effective. And the play action pass, for the most part, is only effective when a run game has been established. This is why you’ll see Iowa continue to try and run the ball over and over and over...
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    **Official "Let's get this season started" Game Thread**

    If the OL run blocks like they did today Iowa will have negative rushing yds against PSU
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    **Official "Let's get this season started" Game Thread**

    what we’ve learned is the OL is still atrocious!!!
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    Goofers vs. Sand People Hate Thread

    I posted after watching the first 2 drives that I thought Minn looked tough. I was still overall impressed w/ their new QB and he appears to have a couple weapons on the outside. The route and athletic ability Jackson showed on the late TD catch was impressive. But I agree, their OL looked...
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    Goofers vs. Sand People Hate Thread

    Minn actually looking like a solid fb team. They look tough, physical, and their qb is looking competent. Honestly look a lot like Iowa. Now, I must also consider who they’re playing.
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    Kirk's last season?

    Kirk deciding to hang it up would not surprise me at all and I’ll be saying this every season until the day he decides to call it quits. I could see him doing it it whether it’s a historically great season or an unexpectedly bad season.
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    Howe: Iowa Football Game-By-Game Predictions

    Iowa should have: 1. Top 10 national defensive unit 2. Top 15 national special teams unit 3. Improved offense at every position except possibly TE however I believe the unit still has the potential of being just as good if not better than last year. 4. Soft schedule Provided Iowa can avoid...
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    Noah Shannon part of gambling investigation....

    Also add in the fact Kirk is the last coach who’d send a player to media days if they had baggage, issues, etc. The fact Kirk chose Noah tells me it’s nothing serious.
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    Anyone else hearing Brian Ferentz to Northwestern whispers?

    Geez you must be extremely bored.
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    Cody Ince Has Passed Away

    Prayers going out to his fiancé and family as they mourn this tragic loss.
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    Iowa Adds OL from Portal

    The abysmal OL play is what surprises me the most w/ Cade choosing to transfer to Iowa. The play calling was head scratching at times however there’s not a pocket passing (non-mobile) QB in the country that could’ve made Iowa’s offense much better last year. The additions from the portal are...
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    If it turns out and proven fitz was directly involved he could have problems finding another job. The Doyle situation is and was a completely different situation. Doyle seemed to be the main cultivator of a racial discriminating cultural during a time where every white person in American is...
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    just watch fitz will get a better coaching job making more money.