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    LSU clearly better team today

    65% from deep and 50% something from 2 will always be hard to overcome. I have to agree with there was a difference between what Clark did vs what Reese did. Neither I’m a fan of. I don’t think Clark directed that gesture at anyone specifically. Reese was in her face and directed that mockingly...
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    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    If you put Clark against any guy on the Hawks men team in a free throw shooting match or the best out of 25 from deep, my $ is on Clark. I think she’s awesome and has brought a huge spotlight to Hawkeye women b ball. Now let’s get real. If you insert into a men’s game with someone guarding her...
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    Ahron Ulis, Josh Ogundele in Portal

    Ulis and Joe T did have speed , but it’s what they both lacked that made them non factors in most games they played in. Neither one of them was much of an outside threat. Both had trouble creating their own shot and getting to the rim was spotty as well. If you look at the 16 teams left in the...
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    Perspective for a moment - two fold.

    Mr. Obvious says you don’t make shots and you don’t play D in this tournament you will lose and go home.
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    So let's get this out of the way early....

    Connor has done a nice job at point. I like his game.. that being said opposing teams do not have to worry about him. Most teams will let him shoot the 3 and he is zero threat to take you off the dribble. Perky has shown signs of greatness but he is not consistent. I think we can do better.
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    Angry Iowa Gets Auburn in Big Dance

    I would think Pearle has seen what everyone else has seen with this Iowa team.. they can be taken to rim off the dribble. Haven’t seen much of Auburn but if they solid guards we could be in trouble.
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    So let's get this out of the way early....

    I think Fran could really up Iowa’s chances if he focused on 2 areas. For the love of God please find us a really good point guard. After you accomplish that, find an assistant you can help this team play defense. I won’t be surprised if some player on Auburn has a career night on us and sends...
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    Howe: Judgement Time for Iowa Hoops

    He did not. He mentioned Kris Murray being really good and said Iowa is capable of a big run in the tournament. Apparently he hasn’t seen many of our games. He probably should have said if Iowa can play some defense they have a chance.
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    Howe: Judgement Time for Iowa Hoops

    I heard Clark Kellog say Iowa could make a big run in the tournament. I remember he said the same thing last year and we see how well that went. Iowa will only move forward if they get contributions from everyone who plays. A lot of our losses this year are because 3 or 4 of the 8 man rotation...
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    No Wisconsin no problem right? Official Ohio St vs Iowa Big Ten Tournament Game thread

    If Ohio St. continues to keep us from getting out in transition we will lose this.
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    Come listen to my story about a man named Fred, former clown player, coach's for little red, official early Nebraska @ Iowa game thread

    They could start by playing some defense. Under Fran defense has been sparse to say the least. If there were a stat for the team that gives up the most open looks, I think Iowa would lead that.
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    Come listen to my story about a man named Fred, former clown player, coach's for little red, official early Nebraska @ Iowa game thread

    Well said. We play fantastic games against Sparty and Indiana then just look lost on defense against Nebbie. Moving forward I suppose anything other than 1 and done in either tournament should be looked at as a bonus.
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    Come listen to my story about a man named Fred, former clown player, coach's for little red, official early Nebraska @ Iowa game thread

    Not much from Perkins, Ulis, Sandfort and mix in too many wide open looks for Nebraska and that’s a recipe for a loss.
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    Bring your hard hats: Official Iowa @ Indiana Game Thread

    Perky has been a 1 man wrecking crew.
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    Greatest Individual Game In Iowa History

    There’s a lot of shit I don’t care for and can handle. No need to check out. I like the Hawks and Fran as well. I just don’t like his antics. Put it this way….Fran would probably be in a tough situation if he had the best player in the league but couldn’t keep him on the floor because the player...
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    Greatest Individual Game In Iowa History

    Basically, there are 2 ways you can look at Fran’s antics: 1) he knows exactly what he’s doing “acting” as some has characterized 2) he let’s situations during the game get the best of him and truly looses it. Personally I think it’s the latter. He can’t keep his emotions under control and he...
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    What happened to Minnesota?

    From the few games I have watched them in the talent just isn’t there.
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    Michigan vs Iowa official game thread

    For 37 minutes or so our defense wasn't very good. The last 3 minutes CMac finally tried to deny the ball to Jet. I'm not sure what took so long to figure that out. I apologize to Sandfort for renaming him in the past. He was on fire when it counted. Perkins has lost any mojo if had any in the...
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    Sandfort Huge Miss.... Now?

    After an 0 for 19 brickfest to start the B10 season, most thought Sandfort was a bust. I know I did. Got to agree here, a couple of good games doesn't mean Sandfort is the man. Let's see how he handles teams gearing up for him now. If he can deliver consistent production with teams trying to...
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    Official Iowa attempts to "penetrate Rutgers stiff defense" game thread

    Good start for the Hawks. Franny had them ready from the get go. No "act" needed from him to get the team going. What a difference it makes when the guys can hit some threes. Got good seats for Thursdays ' match up with Michigan. Hopefully, we are not sleep walking from the tip off.