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    Sam LaPorta Blossoming at Tight End U

    Like a flower in bloom, spring is for LaPorta to blossom.
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    Austin Blythe signs with Chiefs

    I can't stand the LA Rams coach, he just rubs me the wrong way. I would take a pay cut just to get away from that guy.
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    STORY: Jacksonville Jaguars Hire Chris Doyle

    There are some real head-scratcher choices on the Jags coaching staff just hired by Coach Urban Meyer. The big fan bases that were begging for him to be hired at USC or Texas are laughing at the staff he is putting together like they dodged a bullet by not backing up the trucks full of cash to...
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    Iowa QB situation

    I would say the situation is fluid.
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    Top three names on Jets coaching search list is interesting

    Seriously, the Jets and some of the other NFL teams are so bad from an organizational standpoint that it wouldn't surprise me if some second tier college guys like Bert Bielema or Sarkisian turned them down.
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    What are you going to do with your Music City Bowl T-Shirt?

    The same thing I do with all the other bowl t-shirts.
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    Report: Bo Pelini out at LSU

    I think he would be a solid addition to the staff in Iowa City.
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    Andrew Downs Introduction

    Did Andrew Downs once run the booth or produce the show for the afternoon guy at WHO radio? The English guy? Maybe I am thinking of another one of the local sports talk guys?
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    Big Ten Hindsight

    I don't have a problem with the conference being cautious or waiting until after other conferences had already started.
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    Lincoln Riley Maybe not ready for primetime

    I usually try to check in on the Surly Horns forum to see how things are going in the B12, but the site doesn't seem to be loading today.
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    So, Trump caught a hoax somehow?

    I am posting live from the crowd outside the hospital, its tough to type on my phone to post this while holding a sign reading "Q+".
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    Alrighty then, whats an exceptable W/L record

    The Hawks are undefeated at the beginning of October, so my prediction for the season is still holding up.
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    Why doesn't (can't) the Big 12 play defense?

    When you watch a Big 12 football game, nearly every long passing touchdown will have a blitzing safety running in the exact opposite direction of where the play goes. They defensive coordinators each think that if the QB has time, he will pick them apart so a guy like Manny Diaz will blitz every...
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    Why doesn't (can't) the Big 12 play defense?

    Part of it is the number of plays per game.
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    Howe: Ranking '20 Iowa Football Opponents from Worst to First

    I think a certain B1G West head coach who has a knack for motivational mantras used the phrase Worst to First or WTF as a motivational phrase while he was at Western Michigan and actually had just finished worst in his division.
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    Desmond King Not Happy

    Actually they drew more fans at the soccer stadium last year.
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    Howe: Couldn't Be Happier for Hawkeye Football Student-Athletes

    Counterpoint: Rob could be happier for Hawkeye Football student-athletes.
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    Today in How the B1G Football World Turns

    I know they haven't voted yet, but I am almost ready to post and share my bowl projections.
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    Today in How the B1G Football World Turns

    Then technically we are past the step before the step before the step.
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    Today in How the B1G Football World Turns

    Another great Saturday morning of waking up to the sports talk radio station previewing the one local college football game this weekend.